Recently Sold Homes in South Dallas/Fair Park, Dallas


South Dallas/Fair Park Real Estate Insights

South Dallas-Fair Park is located in Dallas, Texas.

If you want to save a good bit of money on gas and don't want the hassle of a carpool, then you are in luck; the public transportation in South Dallas-Fair Park is great.

Most of the homes in South Dallas-Fair Park are vacant or occupied by renters, rather than by the owners of the homes themselves. The average income in this locale is much lower than average.

The average home listing price in South Dallas-Fair Park increased between last year and this year, from $50,310 to $53,431, or 6.2 percent. This recent rise provides local homeowners with confidence in their home value growth without pricing future buyers out of the market. At the same time, inventory increased slightly by 11.1 percent to reach 10 listings in this year.