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Mount Lookout Real Estate Insights

Mount Lookout is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Public data shows that Mount Lookout is a safe location.

A higher-than-average percentage of the people who live in Mount Lookout hold college degrees. If you're hoping to move into a place with a high percentage of males, this neighborhood is likely not the area for you as men make up the minority of the population. With its residents having a low median age, this neighborhood is a great place for young families and professionals to set up home. Reliable research indicates that many people in Mount Lookout have fairly high incomes.

Older homes are becoming harder to find these days, so if you're looking to buy one now as an investment, Mount Lookout has a lot to choose from. Home prices in this area noticeably rose 19.3 percent year-over-year in this year, reaching an average listing price of $480,970 from a previous $403,226. But, buyers starting their searches should be aware of declining inventory in Mount Lookout. The number of homes for sale decreased 16.7 percent year-over-year, with 30 homes for sale in last year and 25 homes for sale in this year. The wonderful landscaping surrounding some of the properties in this locale enhances the whole area with richness and taste. Everyone with a child or a pet knows that hardwood floors are a must for keeping a clean house, and that is why many homes in this vicinity offer this feature. Driving into this place it's like you've taken a step back in time with so many of the homes featuring elements of classic architecture.