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Southside Real Estate Insights

Southside is located in Syracuse, New York.
Southside would be just the right area to move into if you are looking for neighbors with a low average age. Public records for the area indicate that residents of this area earn incomes that are below average.
The average home listing price in Southside, currently at $63,727, decreased modestly 1.7 percent from $64,833 last year. In the meantime, the local for-sale market inventory slightly declined 6.5 percent last year to reach 87 for-sale listings. You won't have to worry about the appearance of this area, because many of the residents have chosen to landscape their yards. Some homes in Southside feature kitchens with woodwork which are truly unique and inspired; you can't help but want to show them off. Those who enjoy the colonial architectural style will find several property options to choose from around here.