Recently Sold Homes in Park Versailles, Bronx


Park Versailles Real Estate Insights

Park Versailles is located in Bronx, New York.
According to publicly available data, Park Versailles is an incredibly secure area. With many stations and stops in this neighborhood, you will easily get around with public transportation.
Most of the homes in Park Versailles are vacant or occupied by renters, rather than by the owners of the homes themselves. This area would be just the right area to move into if you are looking for neighbors with a low average age.
In Park Versailles, home prices depreciated prominently by a 10 percent year-over-year, providing future buyers with lower budgets a better range of options. The average listing price last year was $461,375. At the same time, inventory in this neighborhood marginally declined 12.5 percent in the same period. The number of homes for sale dropped from 8 in last year to 7 in this year. Since a handful of residential properties in Park Versailles have jacuzzi tubs, be sure to tell your guests to bring their swimsuits so that you can entertain in style. If you hate the hassle of carpet and prefer walking on hardwood, the houses in this neighborhood with beautiful hardwood floors will be just right for you.