Recently Sold Homes in Stone Meadows, Bakersfield

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Stone Meadows Real Estate Insights

Stone Meadows is located in Bakersfield, California.
Public records show that Stone Meadows is a safe place with little crime.
The high percentage of happily married couples in Stone Meadows establishes an excellent precedent for any couple looking for the perfect home in a nourishing community.
Home listing prices in Stone Meadows increased by 0.7 percent last year, with [the average listing price reaching $241,135] this year. During the same period, inventory declined by 22.2 percent. The number of listings in this neighborhood noticeably dropped from 18 to 14 homes on the market last year, somewhat constricting the market for new buyers looking to move to this area. Some of the homes in Stone Meadows feature functional fireplaces that can warm you and your whole family during colder weather. You might not have the culinary skills, but you'll look like a master chef in one of the luxury granite kitchens available in many homes in the area.