Recently Sold Homes in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn


Bergen Beach Real Estate Insights

Bergen Beach is located in Brooklyn, New York.
If safety is your top priority, living in Bergen Beach will ease your concerns.
The average home listing price in Bergen Beach, currently at $583,937, decreased modestly 0.4 percent from $586,172 last year. Year-over-year, inventory marginally declined 4.7 percent, from 64 listings to 61 homes on the market. You'll find that quite a few properties around here have kitchens that are truly modern, with the latest in cabinets and appliances that give your home a distinctly contemporary look and feel. Many homes in this neighborhood feature real fireplaces that are sure to create a warm space for you and your loved ones. A handful of homes in Bergen Beach have swimming pools, increasing your living space and creating the perfect place for an outdoor party.