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Hanover Academy Real Estate Insights

Hanover Academy is located in Trenton, New Jersey.
Gourmets are sure to be delighted as Hanover Academy offers exciting dining options with restaurants serving a variety of dishes across cuisines including Southern, pizza and soul food. This area has such a high-quality transit system that a surprisingly large number of people don't need to drive all the way to work; the transit system runs day and night throughout the year. If you enjoy walking, Hanover Academy is the perfect area to look for your new home since there are so many places to walk, whether it's to getting to work or just for a leisurely stroll.
Prepare yourself for a high turn around in the neighborhood as Hanover Academy has a low percentage of people who actually own their residences. Ladies seem to be more attracted to this locale than men are, and the result of this is a chiefly female population. Public census and other data specifically indicate that the residents of this location typically earn lower average annual incomes in comparison to the residents of similar U.S. communities.