Recently Sold Homes in Roberts, Tucson


Roberts Real Estate Insights

Roberts is located in Tucson, Arizona.
Public transportation in Roberts will ease your commute and benefit you and your neighbors by leaving your cars at home. Say goodbye to the slow, boring, driving commute and get reacquainted with your bicycle because commuting by bike is quite popular in this area.
Many residential homes situated within Roberts are renter-occupied rather than owner-occupied. This neighborhood offers plenty to appeal to women, as there are far more women than men who have chosen to settle down here. This neighborhood has a younger-than-average population and continues to appeal to young families, young professionals and recent graduates.
The average home listing price in Roberts, currently at $135,600, decreased modestly 1 percent from $136,950 last year. Last year, this neighborhood featured 4 listings, and in this year, the number of homes for sale prominently increased to 5, a 25 percent escalation. Plenty of homes in Roberts come with tiled floors which can be customized to suit the look of each room and are easy to clean as well.