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Hubbard-Richard Real Estate Insights

Hubbard-Richard is located in Detroit, Michigan.

Public data shows that Hubbard-Richard is a safe location. There are many advantages to using the public transportation here, such as the reasonable prices and the speed at which you can reach your destination. If you don't like having to commute by car, you should keep in mind that many people here avoid that issue by walking to work; it's just one of the things that makes Hubbard-Richard appealing.

Many Hubbard-Richard homes that aren't owner-occupied have been renovated for updated rental standards. Very few people occupying homes here are married, making this neighborhood popular for anyone who is single and seeking a partner. Those who live in Hubbard-Richard seem to have income that is lower that what the average person earns, according to current data.

Last year, average home listing prices in Hubbard-Richard decreased 10.9 percent, perhaps reflecting the waning popularity of the local area. The average listing price this year is $150,500 from a previous $169,000.