Recently Sold Homes in Ahwatukee Foothills, Phoenix

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Ahwatukee Foothills Real Estate Insights

Ahwatukee is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
Many of the residents in Ahwatukee are well educated and hold some type of college degree.
Home prices in Ahwatukee didn't see much movement last year with a slight 0.7 percent drop in average listing price, but with a $378,004 average listing price this year, buyers can still enter the market with confidence. At the same time, inventory in this neighborhood marginally declined 2.1 percent in the same period. The number of homes for sale dropped from 535 in last year to 524 in this year. Certain residential properties in Ahwatukee have swimming pools with water features, giving your pool area an elegant and beautiful look that you are sure to love. The outdoor landscaping on display in some residential properties in this vicinity is done extremely well, which makes not just your home, but the whole area, an enjoyable place to live. A handful of properties in Ahwatukee use travertine tiles, giving a sleek, stylish look to the home.