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Little Turtle Real Estate Insights

Little Turtle is a neighborhood located in Columbus, Ohio.

You will not have worries living here as Little Turtle is a low crime area; you will feel very peaceful and safe here.

Many homes in Little Turtle are either vacant or rented out, rather than being occupied by the home owners. A sizable number of inhabitants in this neighborhood are college-educated, and as time passes more people who hold college degrees are flocking here. If you're looking for a place to live where you can enjoy the company of a relatively young crowd, this neighborhood could suit you well.

The average home listing price in Little Turtle, currently at $126,408, decreased modestly 4.1 percent from $131,746 last year. In the meantime, the share of homes on the market slightly increased, with a 9.1 percent rise in inventory year-over-year. Recently, this neighborhood offers homebuyers 12 listings on the market. If you've always dreamed of owning a house with a nice big pool in the yard, your dream could come true when you move here as many properties in this locale feature a pool. Walk-in closets are an incredibly convenient way to store and access your belongings, and you'll find them in a fair number of homes around this area. It has long been many a man's dream to own a home with a built-in bar, and it can become a reality in this neighborhood with a handful of residential properties here featuring their own bars.