Recently Sold Homes in South Deering, Chicago


South Deering Real Estate Insights

South Deering is located in Chicago, Illinois.
South Deering is a place you will feel proud to call home since you can let your children play outside safely. The public transportation system near this neighborhood is amazing and many people use it for their daily commute.
Some homes in South Deering are occupied all year long by the owners, but most are not. Many of this neighborhood's residents appreciate the fact that the population is made up of far more women than men. The this neighborhood area has a below-average median income level.
The average real estate listing price this year is $50,433 in South Deering, a noticeable increase of 8.3 percent compared to the year prior. Simultaneously, the number of homes on the market slightly fell from 19 to 18 - but buyers still have a fair share of homes to vet.