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Thomasville Heights Real Estate Insights

Thomasville Heights is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The public transportation in Thomasville Heights is great, so if you want to save a good bit of money on gas and don't want the hassle of a carpool, you are luck to be here. Commuters here save money on gas and public transportation by walking to their destinations, making it a very physically active area to live in.

Many homes in Thomasville Heights are renter-occupied; as a result, the nature of this community fluctuates to some degree as the nature and type of the various residents changes over time. This area seems to appeal more to women than to men for some reason, as the current population is predominantly female. Most of the homes in this neighborhood have relatively young occupants, so it's a good time to join the area if you prefer a place with a low average age. Residents of this neighborhood tend to have incomes that are below average.

In Thomasville Heights, the average listing price is currently at $58,416 this year. However, this figure represents a noticeable 8.2 percent drop from the year prior, and declining prices could help new buyers enter the market more comfortably in the near future. During the same period, inventory noticeably declined by 16.7 percent, somewhat narrowing the range of options for buyers looking to move to this area.