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Bella Vista Real Estate Insights

Bella Vista is located in Gilbert, Arizona.
Based on public data, Bella Vista is a very safe place.
Buyers looking to move to Bella Vista can be optimistic in rising home values. The price appreciation last year rose 7.7 percent, from $406,950 to $438,475, allowing homeowners to benefit from a favorable, climbing market. During the same period, the number of homes on the market significantly grew 100 percent to 4 listings, allowing buyers a much larger scope of options during their searches. The granite kitchens that you can find in homes around Bella Vista can fit into any decor, whether you prefer a classic or modern look, and they are sure to last for years and years. Swimming pools are a common feature in this area's homes and on any warm, sunny day you will hear the sounds of families gathered enjoying the outdoors together.