Recently Sold Homes in Venetian Islands, Miami Beach

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Venetian Islands Real Estate Insights

Venetian Islands is located in Miami Beach, Florida.
The residents of Venetian Islands have a high percentage of college-educated among them - well over the national average. This location, for some reason, has more women than men living in the area. This area has a higher per-capita income than the US average.
The average home listing price in Venetian Islands is currently at $7,300,000, a small 2 percent rise from last year. Meanwhile, number of for-sale homes on the market marginally increased 6.7 percent, from 15 to 16 listings. A handful of homes here come with a nice swimming pool to make summer fun to enjoy with your family and friends. Quite a few homes around this location have kitchens with islands, which are a great place to have the children do their homework while you prepare dinner and help them. Several residential properties in Venetian Islands are waterfront properties, so you can be greeted by the beauty of nature every morning.