Recently Sold Homes in Ortega Farms, Jacksonville


Ortega Farms Real Estate Insights

Ortega Farms is located in Jacksonville, Florida.
It's important to take safety into consideration, and Ortega Farms offers plenty, thanks to the low crime rate of the area.
The average real estate listing price this year is $123,067 in Ortega Farms, a noticeable increase of 8.4 percent compared to the year prior. Meanwhile, inventory noticeably dropped by 27.8 percent, bringing the number of listings to a low 13 homes. Plenty of waterfront homes are available in this location for those who want to enjoy the tranquility offered by the soothing sounds of the water nearby. There are swimming pools in quite a few properties in this neighborhood; a really great feature that most people enjoy and get lots of use out of. It will be a pleasure spending time in the kitchen if you live around here, with granite kitchens offering style while keeping the durability you need for an active family.