Recently Sold Homes in North Beach, Jacksonville


North Beach Real Estate Insights

North Beach is located in Jacksonville, Florida.
You'll feel safe walking around knowing how low North Beach's crime rate is compared to average.
North Beach has some homes that are no longer occupied, but many of the homes have actually been renovated to meet standards for rental properties. The median age of residents in this neighborhood is low; whether you're young in number or young at heart, you'll have no trouble fitting in.
Buyers looking to move to North Beach can be optimistic in rising home values. The price appreciation last year rose 17.3 percent, from $243,314 to $285,324, allowing homeowners to benefit from a favorable, climbing market. During the same period, inventory noticeably declined by 19 percent, somewhat narrowing the range of options for buyers looking to move to this neighborhood. If you never want to feel rushed again, you can avoid the rat race and enjoy the benefits of country living in North Beach. Quite a few residents in this neighborhood choose to beat the heat by relaxing in their swimming pool, as many of the homes here come with a pool. Several properties in this area have tile flooring, giving rooms a distinctive touch that is both contemporary and casual without being high-maintenance.