Recently Sold Homes in Highland Park Neighborhood Association, Chattanooga


Highland Park Neighborhood Association Real Estate Insights

Highland Park Neighborhood Association is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
With the vast number of bike-friendly roads and paths around here, Highland Park Neighborhood Association is a dream for cyclists; both commuters and exercise fanatics will find a path or trail to fit their needs.
While many properties in Highland Park Neighborhood Association are owned, most are not inhabited by their owners. If you want to be around neighbors who are predominately a younger crowd, this neighborhood would be a good area to move to. Public records for the area indicate that residents of this neighborhood earn incomes that are below average.
Buyers looking to move to Highland Park Neighborhood Association can be optimistic in rising home values. The price appreciation last year rose 14.5 percent, from $113,561 to $130,077, allowing homeowners to benefit from a favorable, climbing market. But, buyers starting their searches should be aware of declining inventory in this locale. The number of homes for sale decreased 22.2 percent year-over-year, with 18 homes for sale in last year and 14 homes for sale in this year. The historic houses in Highland Park Neighborhood Association offer the chance to live with history; not only are they beautiful with details some modern homes just don't have, but they stand in grand, mature landscapes. If you're not a fan of carpet then you'll love the rich, textured hardwood floors installed in various properties in this neighborhood.