Recently Sold Homes in Hampton Ridge, Huntsville


Hampton Ridge Real Estate Insights

Hampton Ridge is a neighborhood located in Huntsville, Alabama.
A relatively high percentage of the people who have chosen to make Hampton Ridge their home are educated with college degrees. Per easily found information, those who live in this area make more money than usual.
Real estate prices in Hampton Ridge are relatively stable compared to places of similar size, with [an average listing price of $379,325] and a small increase of 1.1 year-over-year. During the same period, number of homes for sale increased slightly year-over-year by 8.3 percent, from 12 to 13 listings, allowing buyers more wiggle room in their searches. Custom kitchen cabinets are fitted in several properties in Hampton Ridge; from hand-carved wood designs to more sleek, modern options, you're sure to find something you love. Enjoy a cozy night by the fire, as many residences here come equipped with authentic fireplaces.