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Shoal Creek Real Estate Insights

Shoal Creek is located in Plano, Texas.
There wont be any issue with you walking about in Shoal Creek because of the low crime rate in the area.
Most homes in Shoal Creek are lived in by their owner, which can make it hard to find a vacancy. The percentage of college-educated adults in this neighborhood is on the higher side. If you're looking for a family-friendly environment, you'll find that here as most residents are married and many have families of their own. In regards to wealth, this locale's residents have higher incomes.
Home prices in Shoal Creek noticeably rose 12.3 percent year-over-year in this year, reaching [an average listing price of $979,244] from a previous $872,200. Since quite a few residential properties in the area have pools, it is a good choice of location for people who love the sun and the water. You can often find timeless and durable granite kitchens in homes around this locale, easily resisting the wear and tear that other kitchen counters simply cannot. Some of the houses in Shoal Creek have fully functional fireplaces to keep your house warm and cozy while saving on heating bills.