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The Oaklands Real Estate Insights

The Oaklands is a neighborhood located in Round Rock, Texas.
The safety and security in The Oaklands makes it an ideal place to raise children and allow them to play outdoors independently.
With most of the homes having homeowner occupants, The Oaklands is a place where people show pride in taking care of their yards and homes. It's not uncommon for people living in this place to have a college degree, or some other kind of higher education. The high number of married couples residing here attests to the fact that this neighborhood is a great place to raise a family. Female residents outnumber the males quite significantly in The Oaklands, and this is reflected in many of the shops and businesses here. Publicly available information indicates that those living in this area earn more than average.
Living in The Oaklands comes at a cost of $326,500. Home prices here marginally dropped 3.3 percent this year. The granite kitchens present in many of this vicinity's homes add a dash of style while remaining practical and durable for family living.