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Magnolia Center Real Estate Insights

Magnolia Center is located in Riverside, California.
It's worth noting that the population of Magnolia Center is largely female; there are fewer men living in this area than usual.
In Magnolia Center, home prices depreciated prominently by a 8.3 percent year-over-year, providing future buyers with lower budgets a better range of options. The average listing price last year was $330,467. In terms of inventory, the number of homes on the market decreased slightly last year by 9.7 percent, with 28 listings on the market in this year. This neighborhood has some great historic estates so if you move to one of these homes, you'll be inheriting a piece of history. A handful of homes in this area have easy-to-clean tiled floors that can be customized to fit the look of each room. Remodeled bathrooms are available in several properties in this neighborhood, allowing you to concentrate your efforts in other places in the home.