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Lampasas High School

12 reviews
207 West 8th Street
Lampasas, TX 76550
(512) 564-2310

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

Lampasas High School
Based on data from the 2018 school year

Community Reviews

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Mediocre, theyou pass kids that shouldn't pass. Those kids play games all day. The school chooses favorites though it isn't as bad as it was at the middle school here in Lampasas. Let me also remind you we have the education level of Turkey TURKEY. Research it if you don't believe me.
Posted by a student on 10/26/2018
The system picked students off one by one until the students were failing then wouldn't listen to the students when they tried to tell them that the teachers sucked at teaching
Posted by a community member on 10/27/2017
Other reviews made by students will be bad. The other students mostly review the social characteristics of the school and therefore cannot be taken into account. They say that if you "don't have the right last name" or if you aren't in sports you are "nothing", and that is true for any school. I can say, however, being one of the "known" students(I guess) that people from different social groups do get along here. Students who leave negative reviews about the social whereabouts of this school I can confidently say are the students who do not put themselves forward and are not involved in school activities. I am a junior taking PAP and AP classes, and the teachers are definitely sufficient in my eyes. I am struggling but that is what you're supposed to do in advanced classes. And yes, the food is putrid, but that is state/nation mandated and can be blamed on Michelle Obama... This school is safe and punishment fair for everyone. Dresscode is strict but you can't expect anything else from old town, republican Texas. This school is 6 years old and is easily accessible by the physically handicapped. The life skills program is great and I love being involved with all of the kids.
Posted by a student on 8/31/2014
This school is not one you want your kids going to. If your not sports, have a popular last name or fit into their mindset of what you have to be like then your nothing. The guidance counselors only help you if they believe you have a chance for a future, Teachers don't care much. I've had several teachers, and I was only there from 10-12 grade, who didn't care and let us do whatever. Don't sent your kids here if you want a bright future for them.
Posted by a student on 12/28/2013
Extremely Unsatisfactory.I have attended this school district for 3 yrs,grades 8-10 and is directly behind many of the reasons why i am dropping out and going to Job Corps to get my GED to get a head start on college.Their only primary concerns are Attendance,their beyond ridiculous dress code(which doesn't apply to people in sports/cheerleading) and sports(the sports teams here are a joke and win about a quarter or a third of all of their games).Everything else is a secondary concern,including grades/education.the food here is mostly sub-par and is expensive,almost all electives are agriculture/or related,only a handful of electives are available outside of agricultural field,most of the teachers are dumb/incompetent and play favorites with certain students(and even cheat for them)there are a few exceptions but rare,the town's general attitude is no different in the school system.they hate LGBT,military,non-protestant christians and ppl of any other religion,anybody who isn't white and conservative,and in general anybody who isn't born and raised locally.I fall under all of the above and had a really difficult time and the odds were always against me.PS i was a quiet loner.DONT GO
Posted by a student on 8/3/2013

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