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Carnegie Vanguard High School

29 reviews
1501 Taft Street
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 732-3690

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

Carnegie Vanguard High School
Based on data from the 2018 school year

Community Reviews

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This is a good school, but a few issues have to be addressed that need to be corrected. There should be more scrutiny of students especially during their free times in the hallways and in the empty classrooms and in the theatre as well, at times like at lunch times. Teenagers will be attracted to each other, no matter the level of studies that they undergo, they need to be watched more closely, especially those in relationships.
Posted by a parent on 10/23/2019
this school sucks. if you applied here, change your application before it’s too late. everyone will try and convince you to apply by telling you how great the education is and how much it prepares you for college but the truth is if you go to carnegie, you won’t even make it to college. it’s impossible to stand out here. everywhere you look there will always be someone better than you, and you’ll feel like a failure for getting an 85. i haven’t slept more than 5 hours a day since i started in september. i’m not kidding. this school will literally destroy you and your mental health. putting students through so much at only 13 should be a crime. my mental state is in shambles that i break down in class once a week. all the good reviews you see on here are all from parents who don’t go here and don’t know what it’s like. don’t judge a book by its cover because on the surface, carnegie looks like an amazing school with great diversity and extracurriculars but it’s all a lie. forget wanting to join a club or sport to make you stand out. you won’t have time. you might get and hour and a half lunch but you have to spend the entire time doing homework if you even want to get a 70 average because most teachers here don’t even accept late work. students don’t get any kind of support from anywhere and the teachers don’t even teach. every kid i know has resorted to cheating at least once because it is just that hard. this school is literal hell. carnegie makes lamar look like heaven. this school has made me suicidal. any parents reading this, colleges don’t care what high school your child went to because they get applications from all over the country. they just want a well rounded student. so please, if you want them to be happy, don’t send them here. if you want them to sleep, make friends, have a life at all, do not send them here. it took me a week at carnegie to forget any dream i had for my future. i don’t even want to go to college anymore. carnegie is that bad. it’s ruined me so much that i don’t even want to wake up in the morning. since coming here, i’ve become truant. i physically don’t want to go here. and i can assure you, almost every student feels the same. that’s why carnegie is so small. most students end up dropping out after the first semester. if you’re looking for a sign, this is it. do not send your child here.
Posted by a student on 2/1/2019
Overall, I love this school! Its one of the best schools in the US and it has everything you would want to see in a great school. If you decide to go here, keep in mind that the homework load is to the extremes and work in general is very very hard. You have to learn a lot by your self but if you are ok with those conditions, then this school is a great and a very good choice.
Posted by a student on 12/12/2018
Honestly? I was miserable. I am a good student, I love learning, but this school made me not want to go to college. I ended up having to take a gap year to recover from all the pressure. I'm in college now- my first choice school- and having a great time. But it's not because of Carnegie. Here, I don't fantasize about screaming at the top of my lungs and walking out the door because I'm exhausted and stressed out and there's not point to what we're learning.They say Carnegie prepares you for college but it doesn't. I have written more essays in two months at school than I did in four years at Carnegie. AP credits are necessary for getting into top universities but most of those universities don't take them. Also, Carnegie teaches to the test, so it's not a college level course, it's just a lot of really hard multiple choice practice tests.I will say that there IS a certain kind of student that Carnegie works for- my best friend had a great time there- but just because your kid is smart it doesn't mean they'll do well in a high stakes environment with few creative opportunities and little free time.
Posted by a student on 11/14/2018
I have a daughter that just started as a freshman .. I have read most of the reviews below - I was careful about placing my daughter in this school / I did my homework & talked to a number of friends or clients who had kids which have graduated from CVHS. The common thread in their comments have been that their kids are at college and their kids say how easy college is after attending CVHS - I would prefer to have my daughter struggle and learn to adapt to challenges while she is under my roof instead of some where else - I can support and coach and help her get what she needs now to meet these challenges - later when she is not under my roof she'll knows how to handle herself out in the world. I read alot of comments about busy work given by the teacher ..work the teacher did not check.. Did any of the past commentators consider that they were being treated as adults with the understanding that you are at a great school and you are an intelligent young person and you should be responsible enough to do the work without having to be checked ? In the real world when you do things at your job or collage- there wont be someone there to ring a bell for you on every project you complete .Your parents wont be there to say "thats great!" ... and any of this "busy" work....did you not grow ? or learn something ? the work was for your benefit .... In collage you will have to be working on your own - looking things up on the internet .... U Tube and doing some self teaching because when your sitting in an auditorium at college with 300 other students....the teacher/Professor will not have the time to answer questions or give you individual attention .... so all this self teaching busy work is preparing you for what is coming.... IN THE BIG WORLD ! So take notice of what will come once your out of your parents protective care- it will be up to you to get your education- self manage your time and you will be ready for those sleepless nights thanks to your experience at CVHS-
Posted by a parent on 9/18/2018

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Houston schools - Carnegie Vanguard High School is located at 1501 Taft Street, Houston TX 77019. Carnegie Vanguard High School is in the Houston Independent School District. Carnegie Vanguard High School is a Public school that serves grade levels 9-12.

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