Brazoswood High School

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1200 West 11th Street
Freeport, TX 77541
(979) 730-7300

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Brazoswood High School
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That school amazing!!! They barley ever meet their budget! It's quite sad... One year we were so poor that we went without paper....
Posted by a student on 8/3/2013
This school has a lot to offer due to its size (variety of classes and extracurricular activities) but what you don't realize is that unless you are one of the very top students (or one of the very bottom) you do not receive the attention that each student deserves. I found this out when attending a parent/teacher meeting for my son (towards the end of the school year) and two of his teachers in the classes he was struggling with said they didn't think they would recognize his voice and that he just "fell through the cracks" because he wasn't a trouble maker. The second thing that upset me was when the school ran out of money and couldn't even buy paper. These problems fall into basic operations and the fact that B'Wood can't do these things right gives me no confidence in the entire system. I will say there are some very good and caring teachers at the school but, in classes that could have over 40 students, it's impossible to maintain control.
Posted by a parent on 7/25/2013
Look, For the most part, This school is pretty good. The only bad thing about this school is there are a good number of students who don't try and drop out. The teaching staff is like any other highschool in houston. YOu have the amazing teachers, the average teachers, and a few bad ones. The only difference between Brazoswood and the top high schools in Houston is the student body. Like said before, a good number of students here don't try and are in remedial classes. Schools with more of a white/asian student body like those in houston look better because less of them drop out and they are very competitive. But the teaching staff is the same, there's nothing bad about the teachers here. I went through school in the brazosport district and learned a lot of things that make me competive against other kids around the nation. I have a friend who goes to school in the top 83 in the nation high school in the nation "Benjamin Cardazo High" and the it's the students that make the school great since so many of them try to be perfect. The teachers there however are nothing special.
Posted by a student on 9/16/2012
This is coming from a High School Senior. I honestly have to say that this high school is pretty good. I took all advanced and AP classes so the teachers I had were amazing. The 9nth grade teaching staff were very helpful. As the years progressed, the teachers remained at the top of their levels. Brazoswood may not look as good as those schools up in Houston but this school is by far very excellent in every way. I have not been upset with a teacher. Band is an amazing program as well. If you take challenging classes here, you will not be dissapointed.
Posted by a student on 9/16/2012
My sons transferred last year to this school. The communication is horrible. I have tried many times to get a hold of the Principal with no reply. They lack communication and organization in this school and the teachers don't care if they student passes or fail, they won't even try to reach you to talk about your kids grades even if you contact them first. I find this school to be one of the worst high schools in Texas, and the staff to be one of the laziest. I would recommend sending your child to private school or move to Houston for better choices. I would not even give this school a half star it's that bad!
Posted by a parent on 3/19/2012

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