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Great school. Contradicting one of the comments below, the PAC (performing arts center) was a great addition to AHS. Alliance doesn't have a high school auditorium, let me remind you, so it was necessary that this addition to the high school took place. The music and drama department is renowned in our area for being so successful and the PAC truly showcases that. It really is a beautiful facility that exhibits the wonderful talent of Alliance High and other successes and events that take place there. Hopefully others can understand that as well, and hopefully sometime down the line, other AHS facilities can be renovated and re-vamped. Thank you.
Posted by a community member on 5/27/2014
I go to school here and I hate it. I feel the teachers are great but can not adjust to individual students, but talk to any teacher on the faculty and they believe they are the best teacher who ever lived! Newsflash! Administration is not teaching these kids. Teach, Motivate and adapt you need all of this to be a good teacher and if you can not say you have all these qualities you're not very good and if you can't motivate you SHOULD NOT BE TEACHING along with that fact the school is FULL of stoners who often come to school stoned who also have NO intention to learn ANYTHING AT ALL. but above all, why we can not get a decent score on a state regulated test is that the students who do not care (the vast majority of them) go through and click random answers rather than put in any thought AT ALL. But there are students who go above and beyond. I actually stunned administration by asking to do extra work..... voluntarily. They treated it almost like they had misheard me and don't even get me started on explaining such a thing to faculty!!!! and to top it all off they got rid of the following classes: French, almost all of the Computer classes, Honors English 2
Posted by a student on 9/22/2013
Last year the school district was put on probation for low test scores and the district acted like it was a joke.
Posted by a parent on 11/6/2011
this school is more concerned about "keeping up with the jones'" and in constructing items that are not needed (ie: preforming arts center), than they are in maintenance of the existing builds, and most importantly in teaching and communication with students and parents. Vast majority of their teachers seem unable to teach. They certainly cannot control their teaching environment for those who actually want to learn, and safety of our students/children is not a priority either. If an option for on line classes existed as it does in Colorado, there would be no Alliance High School for any other reason than band. There is an administration and a School board who are currently more concerned about appearances than anything else. This administration cannot even stand up to a parent as to who REALLY is valadictorian, and have to instead pacifiy those parents by "awarding" their child (actually 2 children in this case) with an honor they had not truely worked for and earned. If I had it to do all over, I would home school.
Posted by a parent on 7/17/2011
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