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East Bladen High

4 reviews
5600 North Carolina 87
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
(910) 247-4610

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East Bladen High
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If you have another choice in this county, please take it. I don’t feel like my child gets the full benefit of a great education. This is a poor school in a poor county, and no one seems to care enough to make a difference.
Posted by a parent on 1/20/2019
There is much to be desired from East Bladen. One of which having more elective courses. Discipline wouldn't hurt either, many students are quick to snap at teachers, will not listen, and yet many of the teachers simply let them and argue back, usually there won't be anything other than the argument, however, once in a blue moon I'll see a write up. Let's not forget the not so uncommon announcements we hear at the end of the day about people having their belongings stolen, I realize it is not the schools fault for this bit, however it feels like the schools quality diminishes every time the announcement is made. Guidance and Administration seems to have a minor communication problem, considering the past 2 years whenever I get my schedule made, I have been told by 2 different people in the guidance department that a pathway course (a set of 4 linked elective courses on top of standard required courses) were required. I was told by the principal that this was false. So, as you can see, competence is scarce here. Credit needs to be given to those who do their job, and do it well, however the what the competent accomplish pales in comparison to what the incompetent fail to.
Posted by a student on 3/18/2012
thank- you for such a wonderful princpal, you have made a different in EAST BLADEN SCHOOL
Posted by a parent on 4/27/2010
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