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Clyde Hamrick Elementary School

14 reviews
4525 East Four Ridge Road
Imperial, MO 63052
(636) 282-6930

Missouri Assessment Program

Clyde Hamrick Elementary School
Based on data from the 2019 school year

Community Reviews

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I just wish the Teachers were kinder to our children. I mean if you don't have patience and yell at our children because you can't contain your bad mood or w/e you need to pick a different career. They are OUR children. And your student they deserve respect just as much as any of you adults.
Posted by a community member on 6/30/2016
My daughter is in K and my son just registered here. We love Clyde Hamrick! My daughter is excited to go to school and talks constantly about what they are learning in class. ONE time my daughter told me that there were some kids on the bus saying mean things to the other children, and the same day that we note to her teacher my child, a few of the other "picked on kids" and the "mean" kids sat down with the assistant principal one-on-one. The issue was addressed immediately and my child thought nothing more of it. The teachers have all been very caring and attentive toward my child, and I really have nothing bad to say!
Posted by a parent on 4/15/2015
I absolutely LOVE Clyde Hamrick!!! I wish everyone got the chance to experience this type individualized education. From the day we entered Clyde Hamrick, 8 years ago, with my oldest child it felt like HOME. They treat the children as if each one is a family member. If there are any issues or concerns the teachers are very interactive with the parents to help. When you come to this school you enter into top notch education and are welcome with open arms into a family not just a school. I wish my kids could stay here forever.
Posted by a parent on 12/9/2014
This school is not up to speed like other schools. Parents are only going to be out for the best interest of their INDIVIDUAL child. Meaning every child is different!!! Simple right?! No....not with C.H.E. They have a major issue with viewing each individual child as an individual. And they hold this against parents who try to get them to understand this or try to change their policies/the way they run their school if it does not work for an individual child. Yet children are how they are compensated and the reason they are there in the first place. Terrible on communication and very catty towards anyone who doesn't view their point of view the same. Not all but a lot of rude teachers here. My children have attended another school and I know an all around great school and C.H.E. is not an all around great school. They have major improvements to make!!! Just not too long ago you had a choice to send your children to a different school due to them being so behind. I am not impressed and if had the opportunity again, wouldn't have bought our home in this district if I knew what I know and have been through now.
Posted by a parent on 11/23/2014
they need to keep their information on all students accurate. ie if parents arent together they need to have both parents names and address on file and etc. and contact both parents when something arises and not just assume that one parent will tell the other.
Posted by a parent on 6/8/2011

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