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Hewitt-Trussville High School

26 reviews
6450 Husky Parkway.
Trussville, AL 35173
(205) 228-3500

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I've had 2 children graduate & one still currently enrolled at HTHS. My 3 children are very different (socially & academically) and they have each been able to carve out their own niche during their time at HTHS. My oldest was very introverted & focused on grades. He had a small friend circle, but was never picked on or looked down on. He earned the respect of his teachers & peers on his own merits. My second was a little more athletic and social. She was in more clubs & activities, but she wasn't in the "popular crowd". She also was able to carve out her own place & has wonderful memories of high school. My youngest is the artsy student who is very vocal about everything. She is a good student and says she feels respected by her teachers for her work ethic. As with all schools, there are some teachers who are outstanding & some that should probably choose another career, but that's anywhere you go. My kids (so far) have been well prepared for college & at the end of the day, that is the primary goal of high school
Posted by a parent on 7/5/2018
I've been to a couple different schools before this one. And, I have to say this school has been the best so far. Bullying is to a minimum, I never have seen mistreating of others here. I made great friends with a lot of people here. Most of the teachers are wonderful here, they're good at their job and you can go to them for help. The events that are put on at the school are enjoyable and entertaining. I actually enjoy going to school everyday, I just hate waking up early in the mornings. The electives are highly enjoyable to students. I especially love being in the school's wonderful choir taught by a brilliant choir director. Overall, my time at HTHS has been a wonderful experience and I'll have a lot of memories.
Posted by a student on 1/20/2018
I just recently graduated from this school. I was in the inclusion program here and I had the time of my life with the inclusion teachers and students. If your child has special needs or any learning or social disabilities, I recommend this school and in fact this whole school system. I have had numerous help from my case manager in school with school work and non-school related things. Besides the inclusion program, the school has been a blast to be at. I had a great time learning in in my core classes. In some cases during my time at Hewitt there were non-professional teaching and some classes do get off topic for a short time.In my time here, I rarely saw bulling towards me or towards other people in my upperclassman years. When students first arrive from the middle school (my worst experience) they still act like children. Soon enough I saw bully ease as the years went by. The administrators and other faculty are way more kind than the middle school in my opinion. They are more professional when it comes to certain issues but I rarely saw them enforce bullying even though many students never ask for help.I never did any after school activities or sports but I hear they are great.Besides from all the school related stuff, the lunch food is really good and healthy. I hear some new teachers that came here said that this school has the best food in the state. Anyone moving to the Birmingham, AL area, I recommend settling down in Trussville if you have kids. This is a great school system and probably the best in the entire state of Alabama.
Posted by a community member on 8/7/2016
I have been in the Trussville school system since 4th grade, I will be entering my sophomore year and I must say after reading all of these comments I'm amazed by how much the high school has improved. I'm definitely not saying it's perfect and I agree with all or the reviews stating how cookie cutter the students are. I myself am in the "artsy emo weirdos" crowd and I'm generally quiet. Countless times have I walked in the hallway and heard, racist, homophobic, and misogynist comments thrown around. On top of that I've gone to this school for almost 7 years and been in classes with generally the same people and still some of them haven't even bothered to learn how to spell my name, much less even ask me what my name is. I've had teachers over the years who are outstanding and genuinely care for students well being while other couldn't care less how well you do in their class. I am pleased with how the arts much the arts are funded at the high school compared to the middle and elementary school. At least at the high school our choir has actual books for each person (even though they were donated), in the middle school we had to share, ripped up, 5 year old music. The arts need to be funded much more though, our school strives to be an athletic school, but we just aren't. It doesn't matter how much you fund sports, you aren't going to magically make the students Olympic material. If you would just fund the arts more I promise we have potential. Anyway closing my rant by saying if you aren't a cookie cutter athlete, you'll definitely be looked down upon by your peers and some teachers, this school is need major need of fine arts funding and teaching students and teachers) to be more open minded.
Posted by a student on 6/15/2016
I had 4 children graduate from HTHS. One was in the high IQ, but because she was shy and not athletic, was virtually ignored. Thankfully, she had a close group of core friends.The teachers and staff are very biased towards athletes, cheerleaders, and that certain elite group. My second is very artsy, thinks outside of the box, and it was years of them trying to make her conform. No new ideas are acceptable. They only want conformity, even in art classes.My last two dealt with dishonest teachers, and parents that would do anything they could to put their child above yours. With a few exceptions, teachers and staff are uncaring, and not very good at teaching. I had one teacher that did not even notice, for an entire month, that one daughter had on a cast from toes to knee. Asked me why my child was late for class, when mt daughter had an excuse .After they graduated, my children, threw away any and all memorabilia, including annuals. This is nothing but a school in Peyton Place or Harper Valley. Take a look at how many, even with B's in subjects, end up in remedial classes in college.
Posted by a parent on 8/16/2015

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