Crime Data in Washington

Trulia uses crime reports to provide valuable information on the relative safety of homes in the U.S. Use the map below to learn more about crime activity in and around Washington.

Most frequent crimes in the past year


Counts of Theft


Counts of Robbery


Counts of Assault


Counts of Burglary


Counts of Shooting

Recent crimes

Occurred On Type Description
05/22/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. PD o/s of a shooting. Male with a GSW to the head. Black male suspect fled.
05/21/17 Robbery Violent Crime. PD o/s robbery with force used, Bolo for 2 BMs 18-24 y/o w/ blue shirts & blue jeans
05/21/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. PD o/s with person shot at location. Active crime scene
05/21/17 Robbery Armed Robbery. MPD o/s armed robbery, group of B/M 2 handguns seen.
05/20/17 Robbery Armed Robbery. PD o/s armed robbery by 3 B/Ms wearing black mask in a silver Kia Sedona
05/20/17 Robbery Armed Robbery. PD investigating an armed robbery of exon gas station
05/20/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. PD investigating a person shot with no lookout
05/20/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. PD and EMS o/s of a shooting. 1 victim.
05/20/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. MPD investigating a confirmed person shot, no suspect in custoday
05/20/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. MPD o/s person shot & in unknown condition