Schools in Southwest Employment Area

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School Districts in Washington

District Type Grade Span Schools Students
D.C. Preparatory Academy Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 1,320
Thurgood Marshall Academy Pcs UNKNOWN 9-12 395
Washington Latin Pcs UNKNOWN 5-12 670
Basis Dc Pcs UNKNOWN 5-9 551
Washington Yu Ying Pcs UNKNOWN PK-5 528
Early Childhood Academy Pcs UNKNOWN PK-3 259
Latin America Youth Bilingual Montessori UNKNOWN PK-5 342
Two Rivers Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 518
Inspired Teaching Demonstration Pcs UNKNOWN PK-5 317
Mundo Verde Bilingual Pcs UNKNOWN PK-1 404
Capital City Pcs UNKNOWN PK-12 971
D.C. Bilingual Pcs UNKNOWN PK-5 364
Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science UNKNOWN 6-8 294
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Communtiy Freedom Pcs UNKNOWN PK-6 350
Dc Scholars Pcs UNKNOWN PK-3 389
Eagle Academy Pcs UNKNOWN PK-3 920
E.L. Haynes Pcs UNKNOWN PK-10 1,157
Hope Community Academy Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 875
Perry Street Preparatory Pcs UNKNOWN PK-12 619
Integrated Design Electronics Academy Idea UNKNOWN 7-12 217
Paul Public Charter School UNKNOWN 6-12 701
Center City Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 1,483
Richard Wright Pcs For Journalism And Media Arts Pcs UNKNOWN 8-12 305
District Of Columbia Public Schools UNIFIED 9-12 112 46,155
Cesar Chavez Public Pcs UNKNOWN 6-12 1,348
Meridian Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 639
Achievement Preparatory Academy Pcs UNKNOWN 4-8 648
National Collegiate Prep UNKNOWN 9-12 306
Excel Academy Pcs UNKNOWN PK-5 724
Friendship Pcs UNKNOWN PK-12 3,720
Mary Mcleod Bethune Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 381
Washington Math Science Pcs UNKNOWN 9-12 335
William E. Doar Jr Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 439
Ideal Academy Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 297
Potomac Lighthouse Pcs UNKNOWN PK-7 425
Seed Pcs UNKNOWN 6-12 336
The Next Step Pcs UNKNOWN 9-12 363
Carlos Rosario International Pcs UNKNOWN K-2
Appletree Early Learning Center Pcs UNKNOWN PK 648
Bridges Pcs UNKNOWN PK-1 272
Youth Build Pcs Layc UNKNOWN 10-12 112
Education Strenghtens Families Pcs UNKNOWN PK 46
Septima Clark Pcs UNKNOWN PK-6
Booker T. Washington Pcs UNKNOWN 9-12
Community Academy Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 1,565
Hospitality Pcs UNKNOWN 9-12 171
Cedar Tree Academy Public Charter School UNKNOWN PK-K, 7-8 358
Maya Angelou Pcs UNKNOWN 6-12 250
Options Pcs UNKNOWN 6-12 268
Roots Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 95
St. Coletta Special Education Pcs UNKNOWN PK-12 252
Tree Of Life Pcs UNKNOWN PK-8 286
Imagine Southeast Pcs UNKNOWN PK-7 611
Shining Stars Montessori Pcs UNKNOWN PK-1 118
Creative Minds Pcs UNKNOWN PK-2 181
Ingenuity Preparatory Pcs UNKNOWN PK-K 201
Sela Pcs UNKNOWN PK-2 86
The Childrens Guild PCS UNKNOWN K-8

Schools in Southwest Employment Area

  • GreatSchools School Name Type Review Rating
    3 Amidon-Bowen Elementary School

    worse then being inside of a dying walrus while the dying walrus is being eaten by a shark while the shark is in another shark

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  • GreatSchools School Name Type Review Rating
    4 Washington Global Public Charter School

    An act of common courtesy led to my daughter being scratched on the arm by a male student, and it's only a couple weeks into the school year. The male student dropped the pencil on the floor, and when...

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  • GreatSchools School Name Type Review Rating
    5 Eastern High School

    Great school in one of the more suburban-like areas of Washington, DC. The teachers are great and many live in the area. In the years ahead, this school will prove to be a powerhouse institution in...

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