Crime Data in Lower Roseville

Trulia uses crime reports to provide valuable information on the relative safety of homes in the U.S. Use the map below to learn more about crime activity in and around Lower Roseville.

Most frequent crimes in the past year


Counts of Robbery


Counts of Shooting


Counts of Assault


Count of Theft


Count of Theft of Vehicle

Recent crimes

Occurred On Type Description
06/18/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. PD on scn male victim with GSW. Officer rptg this could be a fatal.
06/13/17 Other Violent Crime. PD reporting shots fired in area & shell casing found, no victims at this time
04/27/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. NPD o/s with 2 male victims shot
04/04/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. NPD o/s with a 25 Y/O male victim shot in the leg
04/01/17 Other Violent Crime. PD o/s shots fired in the area with a vehicle struck
03/06/17 Robbery The Same Day, Occupants Of The Same Two Vehicles Robbed, One Was A 22-Year-Old Man And Second And Aa 37-Year-Old Man
01/25/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. PD on scene with a person shot EMS requested adddt patient reported at the hospital by auto
01/12/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. PD o/s investigating a person found at location shot but was shot at a different location
12/29/16 Other Violent Crime. PCT 2 o/s with shots fired in the area & request additional units
12/27/16 Assault Shooting/Stabbing. PD o/s with EMS staged, 1 victim with stab wound.