Crime Data in 10701

Trulia uses crime reports to provide valuable information on the relative safety of homes in the U.S. Use the map below to learn more about crime activity in and around 10701.

Most frequent crimes in the past year


Counts of Theft


Counts of Robbery


Counts of Burglary


Counts of Assault


Counts of Shooting

Recent crimes

Occurred On Type Description
09/24/17 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. ongoing incident confirmed male teen shot to chest DOA large scale crime scene set up
09/24/17 Shooting A 16-Year-Old Boy, Joseph Kuaffo, Died After Being Shot Once In The Chest
09/22/17 Assault Violent Crime. YPD on scene with assault victim likely req CSU & Detectives to the scene
09/20/17 Assault Shooting/Stabbing. Confirmed Male Stabbed To Back Of Neck Not Likely Perp Fled On Foot
09/13/17 Assault Shooting/Stabbing. confirmed person stabbed to ear going to trauma center perp BMA fled on foot
09/08/17 Assault Shooting/Stabbing. Confirmed person stabbed at loc EMS treating
09/05/17 Assault Shooting/Stabbing. U/D: YPD located 2nd victim in park requesting EMS for head wound
09/05/17 Assault Shooting/Stabbing. Confirmed male stabbed at park was dropped off at St. Joes YPD setting up crime scene
08/31/17 Other Perp Search/Chase. confirmed shots fired at location perp fled possible into building YPD ESU setting up s/c Helo
08/28/17 Assault Shooting/Stabbing. PD has 1 subject stabbed in unknown condition, actor fled scene, no description