Post an apartment or home for rent on Trulia, and access free tools to manage your properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The Basics
How do I post apartment or home for rent?
  1. Sign into Zillow Rental Manager to list your rental property
  2. Continue through a brief series of screens to enter basic information about your apartment or home, including lease terms and utilities
  3. Upload a few photos of your apartment or home
  4. Preview your listing to make sure everything looks right
  5. Publish your listing
How quickly will my rental listing be posted on the site?
Listings typically reach the site within an hour of you clicking "Publish". We do run checks to prevent fraudulent rental listings though, so if anything looks not quite right, or if there's a technical delay on our side, it may take up to a day.
What will my rental listing look like?
You’ll use Zillow Rental Manager to add, manage and edit any information that will be visible to renters before you activate the listing.
Can I share my rental listing?
Absolutely! We'll give your listing a unique URL that you can send to friends or share on social media. It will work for as long as you keep your listing active.
Which sites will display my listing?
Your listing will appear on Trulia, Zillow and HotPads via Zillow Rental Manager.

Connecting with Renters
How will I know when a renter is interested in my listing?
How renters contact you is up to you. You can choose to display your phone number so renters can call or text you directly. If you don’t want to share your number we’ll forward renters’ written inquiries to your email address. We don’t display your email address, so you don’t have to worry about spam.

Posting Rentals in Buildings With 50+ Units
How do I post rental units in large communities on Trulia?
To post rentals in a building with 50 or more units, please click here and complete the contact form to speak with a sales representative about Zillow Group Rentals advertising solutions. If the building has fewer than 50 units, you can list directly on Zillow Rental Manager, your tool for managing your rental vacancy on Trulia, Zillow and HotPads.

Managing/Editing a Listing
Can I edit my rental listing after I post it?
Yes. Any listing you create can be edited. You can edit the listing through Zillow Rental Manager, your tool for managing your rental vacancy on Trulia, Zillow and HotPads.
What happens to my rental listing after I find a tenant?
Once you’ve found a great renter you can deactivate your listing in the same place you can edit the listing. If you do nothing, your listing will automatically expire after 30 days. You can still find it in your profile though, to reactivate and reuse whenever you need it.

Talk to Us
How can I submit feedback on my experience?
We’re always open to feedback that will help us give you the best experience possible. You can email
Who can I contact for further assistance?
If you need help editing or managing your listings, please contact us at For questions specific to Zillow Rental Manager, please visit the Zillow Rental Manager Help Center.