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Trulia Launches Open API to Make Real Estate Information Available to All Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, February 20, 2007–, America’s intuitive residential real estate search engine, today announced the opening of the Trulia API to the developer community.  Trulia created the API with Mashery, which helps companies to build, promote, support and manage access to Web services and data.


To access the API and learn more about the tools and data available to developers, visit


“Trulia was one of the first real estate mash-ups on the scene and we thought it was about time for us to give back to the community,” said Pete Flint, CEO of Trulia.  “Real estate commentary often relies on historical and metro-level data to analyze the housing market.  By opening the Trulia API, we are making real time data available for the first time on how consumers are searching for real estate online, average home prices, number of bedrooms and more.”


The Trulia API provides open access to two primary types of information for every state, county, city, ZIP code and neighborhood across the U.S. including:


What is for sale?

·         Average list price of homes for sale on Trulia, available from national down to the most local level.  Inventory of homes for sale on Trulia, by number of bedrooms.


Where are consumers searching online? 

·         Search traffic from national down to the neighborhood level.  Helper data such as lists of all the cities/counties/ZIP in every state, as well as their locations.


To encourage developers and illustrate the possibilities of the Trulia API, Trulia developers today released two mash-ups of their own, available to the general public: Plot-or-Not and Truliaholic. Plot-or-Not ( merges average list price data with a diverse group of demographic variables to answer such customizable questions as “Are older folks paying more for houses in California?” or “Do people pay more to live in cities with more women in New York state?”  The second mash-up, Truliaholic ( helps visualize the differences in average list prices and search popularity for any city or county in the U.S.


 “Trulia has a great Web offering and already had an API ready when they called us,” said Oren Michels, co-founder and CEO, Mashery. “We were able to jump in and build a full program around that API including access control, rate and usage limits, tracking and developer community management and get that program to market quickly for them, while they continued to focus on their own product development.”


About Trulia

Trulia, Inc. ( ), a national residential real estate search engine, has revolutionized online home search by offering a rich, intuitive user experience that points consumers directly to listings on agent and broker Web sites. Trulia helps consumers find information on homes for sale, and provides real estate information at the hyper-local level to help consumers make better decisions in the home-buying process. Founded in San Francisco in 2005 by Pete Flint and Sami Inkinen.


About Mashery

Web services companies are driving the latest wave of online economies. Mashery provides on-demand business and technical infrastructure for all Web services vendors.  Our complete platform of proven tools and services get your API up and running quickly and effectively while building scalability from day one. With Mashery, security, usage/access management, tracking, metrics, commerce, performance and developer/community tools all come pre-packaged in our instantly deployable solution. For more information, please visit