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Your guide to recent changes on Trulia

Trulia has updated how it gets data. Here’s why.

To best serve our customers and partners in a changing real estate industry, Trulia has to constantly evolve the way we do business. In an effort to bring you the best data possible, Trulia recently began sourcing home data directly from Multiple Listing Services (MLSs). You may notice some changes on Trulia related to new requirements for using this data. Below is some guidance on how to navigate these changes while our teams work to improve your experience with Trulia.

Why are there two listing categories?

Organizing listings into categories — “Agent Listings” and “Other Listings” — helps us comply with new requirements as we pursue our mission to bring you the most listings and best data possible. You can easily toggle back and forth to find great properties in each group.

What’s the difference between “Agent Listings” and “Other Listings”?

“Agent Listings” are properties listed by real estate agents in the MLS. “Agent Listings” do not include homes for sale by owner, non-MLS auctions or foreclosures. “Other Listings” are for sale by owner, non-MLS auctions, foreclosures and other properties. “Other Listings” do not include properties listed by agents in the MLS.

I just completed a search and don’t see any listings. What can I do?

Simply toggle between “Agent Listings” and “Other Listings” to ensure you’re viewing both listing groups. If you’re still not seeing results, your search may be too narrow. Adjust your filters to see a wider range of homes.

Will my search filters apply to both “Agent Listings” and “Other Listings”?

Absolutely. There’s no need to search twice. For example, if you’re looking for a three-bed, two-bath home, both “Agent Listings” and “Other Listings” will display homes that meet those criteria. Simply toggle back and forth to see homes in both groups.

I’m about to sell my home. How will it show up on Trulia?

If an agent lists your home in the MLS (even through a limited-service brokerage), it will appear under “Agent Listings.” If you advertise your home directly on Trulia as For Sale By Owner, it will appear under “Other Listings.”

Why can’t I edit the property facts or delete photos on my home’s Trulia listing?

For some homes, we receive home sales data directly from the MLS. In these cases, updates must be made directly in the MLS by your agent. Once your home info is updated in the MLS, it will also update on Trulia.

I edited my home facts, but now my changes are gone. Why did they disappear?

For homes where data now comes from the MLS, any changes not made in the MLS will not appear on Trulia. Please contact your agent to update your home facts. Once your home info is updated in the MLS, it will also update on Trulia.