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Garden Hill Guide

What are the schools, restaurants and shopping like in Garden Hill?

It is very often practical for renters in Garden Hill to shop for groceries on foot. In addition, those who enjoy dining in restaurants or cafes will have a good number of opportunities in Garden Hill. It is also a rather short walk to a decent variety of clothing stores. With regards to education, in this area, locals will commonly be able to reach primary schools on foot. On the other hand, there are no high schools in Garden Hill.

What are the best ways to get around in Garden Hill?

Walking is convenient for house renters in Garden Hill; meeting daily needs is easy. Residents using public transit may have limited options in this area by reason of the service's low frequency. Nonetheless, the neighborhood is served by a few bus lines, and most properties are very close to a bus stop. However, Garden Hill is reasonably car friendly. It is easy to access a place to park.

What's it like to live in Garden Hill?

Most areas in Garden Hill are quiet, as there isn't a lot of street noise or city clamor. Even though the ambience is not the liveliest in this part of Bloomington, its busier streets are still quite lively.

What kinds of homes are available in Garden Hill?

Renters occupy nearly 95% of the properties in Garden Hill whereas owners occupy the remainder. In this neighborhood, around one third of dwellings are large apartment buildings, while small apartment buildings and single detached homes make up most of the remaining housing stock. The median year of construction for buildings in this neighborhood is 1975. This area also has a good choice of unit sizes - it is quite easy to find homes ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms.