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Looking Past the Pink

Kacey Snodgrass
February 11, 2014

“We have found the perfect place for us, and can’t wait to make memories in it for the rest of our lives.”

Once Cailyn and her husband had their first child, they knew pretty quickly that they’d outgrown their small one-bedroom apartment in South Boston. After weighing their options, the duo decided that a longer commute from the suburbs, along with more space and a backyard for their son, would be worth the sacrifice, so they decided to look for a home 25 miles away in Bridgewater, MA. The original plan was to buy an empty lot where they could build their perfect home, but the couple soon realized that such an undertaking would be a much more difficult task than they first anticipated.

Cailyn reluctantly began looking at a few homes online, but it didn’t take long before she stumbled upon the “one.” After receiving a tip from her father who saw the house first on Trulia, Cailyn used “street view” to look at the entire neighborhood virtually, before she went and checked out the property in person. “Trulia’s street view feature saved me so many trips when searching for a home. I could see the entire neighborhood online, and if I didn’t love it, then I didn’t even bother with physically going to see the house. It was a real time saver,” Cailyn says, along with Trulia’s mobile app, which she also used while looking for homes on the go.

Armed with these terrific tools, Cailyn knew right away that the home she’d found would be a perfect place for her family. With a large backyard for her son and a garage for her husband, she felt certain almost instantly, but her other half took some more convincing – because the entire home was pink! That’s right. Both the interior and exterior were coated in pale pink paint, but Cailyn reminded her husband that all that it would take was a little elbow grease – and lots of paint brushes – for a complete cosmetic update. Once he could see past the color of the walls, Cailyn’s husband agreed that this was their dream home.

Life away from the hustle and bustle of the city took some getting used to – the family missed being within walking distance of downtown’s action – but the benefits of moving to the suburbs greatly outweighed any of the disadvantages. For one, they were able to rescue unused furniture that didn’t fit in their city apartment from storage. They also no longer had to worry about the stressful parking situation that came with downtown living. But perhaps the biggest advantage of moving to the suburbs is the ability for Cailyn’s son to run around without her having to worry. He can ride his bike outside without the fear of dangerous city traffic, and he has plenty of grass to run around in. “Moving to the suburbs was definitely worth it, and we are extremely happy here,” Cailyn says. “I’m just so glad my son has a yard to play in.” She and her husband both agree that all of their previous homes were perfect for the different stages in their lives, but they couldn’t be any happier with where they are now.

There were several features that the family wanted in a new home that their previous homes didn’t have: a dining room to entertain guests, a deck, more storage, and more bathrooms. All of those wishes were granted, and Cailyn discovered even more features that came with their new house that they didn’t even know they wanted, like a workout room! “I am most excited about all of the features we got with the house. I love gardening, and now I’m able to do that in my own backyard. We also love to cook and our big kitchen makes it so much easier. We have a playroom for our son and an additional exercise room, which we obviously only dreamed about while living in the city,” Cailyn adds.

Although the house still needs some updating (mostly in the kitchen and bathrooms), it’s truly the home of their dreams, and Trulia helped them find it. “I don’t think we’ll ever leave,” Cailyn says. “We have found the perfect place for us, and can’t wait to make memories in it for the rest of our lives.”



Finding A Mountain Escape On Trulia

Kacey Snodgrass
November 21, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.17.43 PM

“Trulia made the home buying process straightforward and allowed me to take control of my home buying experience.”

Until he discovered Trulia, Greg wasn’t planning on buying a house. He was spending nearly every weekend away from his home in San Francisco, doing all sorts of fun outdoor activities in Truckee, CA. That’s when he realized he could actually afford a home in the mountains – and he made up his mind to buy one.

Greg always knew that he wanted to make a real estate investment in California, but with astronomical home prices in San Francisco, it was Truckee that seemed to be the perfect place to buy. An avid mountain biker and skier, Greg is now able to do the activities he loves, whenever he wants, without having to crash at a friend’s house or pay for a hotel.

“Trulia helped me see what was on the market. I had no idea that I was going to buy a home, but the information Trulia provided me made it an extremely easy decision.” Trulia made it so easy, in fact, that he didn’t even see the house in person before he made an offer.

And it was only a week after Greg submitted his initial offer that he was a new home owner. He drove up to see his new place and was immediately reassured that he had made the right decision. “Thanks to Trulia, I found a place that is great for me and my friends. We come up here all the time, and it is the perfect getaway.”

When he and his pals aren’t in Truckee, vacationing and taking laps down the mountain, Greg rents it out to fellow outdoor-lovers. “It has been a really great purchase for me,” Greg says. “I can now head up to the mountains whenever I want, and I also have a little extra cash in my pocket by renting it out when we’re not using it.”

Trulia also helped Greg when he was attempting to get a loan. His home, as well as neighboring homes around it, had been appraised incorrectly, so at first, he wasn’t granted a loan.  Greg knew about Trulia’s sale history feature, and after sending the bank several relevant listings on Trulia, they realized what the home and others were worth – and then approved his loan.

Today, Greg is still raving about Trulia and the assistance it provided him. “It is a phenomenal product that’s easy to use and contains incredibly valuable info.”

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A Perfect Place To Retire

Kacey Snodgrass
November 13, 2013

Renee always knew she would use Trulia to find the perfect place to retire. She had been an avid user since the beginning, searching for homes weekly until she found the place that lived up to her expectations.

“Trulia gave me great insight into what was on the market. I could see everything that was available, which made it easy to find the house that was right for me.”

Renee had her sights set on Hot Springs Village, AR, the largest gated community in the US, fully stocked with eight lakes and nine golf courses. With a large majority of home sellers in the community using Trulia to sell their homes, it was simple for Renee to see everything on the market. She made a few trips out to Arkansas from Oakland, CA, and saw some places that caught her eye, but she didn’t quite find what she was looking for. Renee continued to look for a long time – constantly checking Trulia – before she had her “this is it” moment.

After another trip to Hot Springs Village, Renee’s accompanying best friend noticed her entire demeanor change when they walked in the door of a house they were visiting. That’s when she knew she’d really found the home for her. On Super Bowl Sunday, which also happened to be Renee’s birthday, while still standing inside her future home, she submitted an offer.  And soon after, a deal was made.

“Thanks to Trulia, I already had all the information I needed to decide that this was the home for me. All I had to do was see it in person, and once I did, I was ready to make my offer.”

Because of Trulia, Renee was able to decide what style of home she wanted: all of the photos helped her to be certain that the home she purchased was just her taste, and she knew she would easily be able to make it hers.

“Without Trulia, I would not have known what I liked or didn’t like. Being able to go through hundreds of photos made it extremely easy to know that this house was ‘the one.’”

Renee can’t wait to get settled in her new, wonderful home where she’ll enjoy a fun-filled retirement.  “Anyone can find their dream home on Trulia,” she says. “I sure did.”

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Battling The Bay Area Competition

“Our agent felt really tech savvy and knew what was doing. We were impressed with his willingness and ready to help. He seemed to be knowledgeable around the neighborhoods we were looking at and provided great context."

“Our agent felt really tech savvy and knew what was doing. We were impressed with his willingness and ready to help. He seemed to be knowledgeable around the neighborhoods we were looking at and provided great context.”

Battling The Bay Area Competition

Most people look to investing as a way to preserve and grow their assets. Heather and her husband were no exception. They knew they wanted to invest in something, but weren’t sure what. They talked it over with their family and initially toyed around with the idea of buying a rental property. But the duo had lived in San Francisco for about eight years, and with Heather’s husband working from home, they were ready for more space.

“We had been talking about living abroad, and that’s why we were thinking of buying a rental. But when we decided we couldn’t live overseas, the next plan was to buy a home. We were prepared financially and ready for the next step.”

Heather and her husband started their house hunting journey back in May, looking at homes and different real estate websites online when they had a chance.

“We found that Trulia had the best interface and was the easiest to use. We really enjoyed the user experience.”

After about a month of casually looking, they found a property on Trulia that didn’t have any pictures, but the details of the house interested them. Heather’s husband contacted the agent who responded to his inquiry within minutes.

“Our agent was really tech savvy, and we were impressed with his eagerness to help. He seemed to know a lot about the neighborhoods we were looking at and provided great context. We hit the ground running and saw about 8-10 places at a time.”

Along the way, the couple felt the pressure of the intense Bay Area real estate market, and at times, would get competitive as they looked at homes.

“There’s this competition where – even if you aren’t initially interested in a house – you see someone else looking at it, and you think ‘What are you doing here? I was here first!’ There’s pressure to move really quickly. You see a house over the weekend, then the offer is due the next day, and you have this short period of time to make the biggest decision of your life. That was stressful.”

The two saw more than 70 houses during their journey, and after their first offer wasn’t accepted, they knew they had to change things up in order to be contenders.

“When our first offer wasn’t accepted, we thought this wasn’t going to work out. We didn’t know how we were going to compete with other buyers who had all cash offers and were bidding above the asking price. Then our agent refined our strategy, and we looked at houses that were on the market for a while.”

In addition to finding places that were on the market longer, their agent Brian Pugh narrowed the search to focus on certain neighborhoods just south of San Francisco in Redwood City and San Mateo. Brian understood what the couple wanted, so he helped guide them in the right direction.

After putting in three offers and getting outbid on the first two, Heather and her husband found the perfect home. It had been on the market for a while, and the neighborhood was just what they’d envisioned.

“The neighborhood was the biggest draw for us: a cute area of Redwood City with tree-lined streets. During the buying process, we got to meet with some of the neighbors and see kids playing around. We really loved the backyard as well. It’s a huge piece of property. It felt like our home and what we’ve been looking for.”

Their offer was accepted, and they recently moved in. They credit all their success to their agent.

“I don’t think we would’ve found something this fast if our agent wasn’t there helping us along the way. From the time we really started looking, it only took about three months to find our house. The agent we found on Trulia really helped expedite the home shopping process. One of the great things about him is that he’s continuing to work with us and help us with the long-term value of the property now that we own the house.”

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Looking For A Place To Live Is Fun And Easy (Really!)

“Trulia had the best Android app and website out of all the services I looked at. It also had the top user interface by far, which was very important to me, considering my line of work.”

Shopping for a home can be a daunting process. There are plenty of sites out there, but some are easier to use than others. For Christopher, the house hunting experience needed to be easy and seamless, whether he was searching from home or on the go. And as a user experience designer at a startup based in San Francisco, he knew just where to look when he started his home search.

“Trulia had the best Android app and website out of all the services I looked at.  It also had the top user interface by far, which was very important to me, considering my line of work.”

Christopher moved to San Francisco intending to buy, but quickly realized that it would be a much more difficult task than he originally anticipated.  He decided to rent until he found the perfect place.

He explored many San Francisco neighborhoods, and after eight months of looking high and low for a suitable place, Chris found his home in San Francisco’s up and coming South of Market district (SOMA).  During his search, he used Trulia Local to learn about the neighborhoods he was interested in, and decided SOMA would be a perfect fit for him, with new office buildings and startups on nearly every corner.

“There were several features on Trulia that really helped me with my home search.  The way I could interact with the maps was huge. The crime maps especially were a big help, since there are several pockets of San Francisco that have much higher crime rates than others.”

Another tool Chris utilized was the open house organizer. After being alerted when there were new open houses in the area, and all he had to do was open the app, tap the photo, and Trulia automatically added the open houses to his Google calendar.  He really appreciated this organizational tool and highlighted it as one of the most useful features that Trulia has to offer.

With the real estate market as competitive as it is, Christopher ended up making three different offers – and finally landed an awesome home. He plans on staying there for at least four years, and when the time comes to move again, he says he will most definitely use Trulia.

“Trulia was a huge help in my search for the perfect place to live, and the app itself surpassed any other home search app I had ever used before.  I would recommend Trulia to anyone looking for a home.”

Although Christopher’s home search is now over, he still uses Trulia regularly, just to stay informed.

“I enjoyed the daily emails Trulia sent me during my home search so much; I didn’t want to stop reading them once I found my house. I really like looking at all of the properties and seeing what’s out there, and Trulia makes that incredibly easy.”

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A New School And A New Home

"Trulia was better than anything else I had seen. I knew it was going to be the site to help us make the move."

“Trulia was better than anything else I had seen. I knew it was going to be the site to help us make the move.”


When David decided to go back to school to complete his master’s degree at Virginia Tech, he knew he might need to move to Christiansburg, VA, to be closer to campus.  Travelling from the home he shared with his family in Richmond, VA, to his new school meant a daunting three-hour trip, so David needed to find a great home with a much smaller commute – fast.  David had already been using online real estate sites for more than a decade, and he knew that Trulia would be the ultimate tool for him during his home search.

“Trulia was better than anything else I had seen. I knew it was going to be the site to help us make the move,” David says. His daughter had also used Trulia avidly throughout her rental search process the previous year in Columbus, OH, and highly recommended the site to her parents.

One of the criteria David was looking for in a new home was a location on a quiet street.  Trulia’s maps and street view features helped him find what he was looking for and proved to be one of his favorite aspects of the site.  “It made it very easy to see which homes were located on busy streets, and we knew right away which ones we didn’t even want to visit based on that.” On top of that, David loved being able to survey the whole area and get a feel for his surroundings, without even having to step foot outside his house.

After a few months with his old home on the market, David finally found a house that would work for his family.  The new home in Christiansburg was only eight miles away from school, which turned his painful three-hour drive into a short bike ride each day.  Trulia also helped David find the perfect neighborhood, despite knowing very little about the area. Since David’s son is homeschooled, finding the right school district wasn’t an issue – it was all about location and proximity to Virginia Tech.  “Trulia provided us with all the information we needed on each neighborhood, making it very easy to decide where we wanted to be.”

And since the family moved to Christiansburg solely to be closer to David’s school, they knew the move would only be temporary. David says, “This brought on a whole other interesting perspective during the house hunting process.”  They opted for a smaller place since it would not be a permanent home, and Trulia made it extremely easy for them to see the square footage of each potential property.

In addition to all the other tools David utilized on Trulia, the walk score feature was one more that really gave him the inside scoop.  It was important to find a place centrally located to everything that his family needed, and this additional property detail made it easy to see which shops, restaurants, and amenities were nearby.

Once David finishes school, he plans to move his family back to Richmond where they can live in a bigger home again, and he told us when the time comes, he’ll be turning to Trulia once more.

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A Picture Says It All

Elena's children in front of their home

Elena’s children in front of their home

Here at Trulia, we love hearing what our users like most about our product. Some love our school boundary maps, others love our mobile apps – but for Elena, it was all about our big, beautiful pictures.

“I loved how thorough Trulia’s listings were – the pictures were captivating and represented the homes we looked at accurately. We were able to take control of the search and purchase of our home, with the help of Trulia.”

Like most, Elena and her husband found the house hunting process to be headache inducing. “My husband wanted to make things easier, so he went on Trulia.”

The couple contacted a real estate agent and sent him Trulia listings that caught their eye.

“We drove through the neighborhood where we wanted to live after looking on Trulia to get all the details of the homes and the area. The maps on Trulia Local were super helpful. I loved how detailed the site is and how much information was given about properties. Even our realtor loved that we used Trulia.”

After only a month of looking at houses, the couple found their dream home.

“The pictures on Trulia showed exactly what I wanted in the house. They were amazing. Just by looking at the photos, I could tell that the house was move-in ready. I didn’t even need to see it in person after seeing it on Trulia, but my husband made me. When we saw the house in person, it was exactly how Trulia described it.”

And because of her research on Trulia, there were no surprises, which made the bidding process easy.

“We knew the price because of Trulia, and then we decided from there what we were going to offer. It was all so easy.”

The best part for Elena is that not only did she find a home she loves, but everyone that comes to her house loves it too.

“My friends and family are so impressed that we found our home on Trulia. Our family loves this house. We can’t believe how easy it was to find our dream home on Trulia.”

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Trulia Is The Complete Package

Aaron in Front of His House in Monroe, NJ

Aaron in Front of His House in Monroe, NJ

To say that Aaron is an avid Trulia user would be an understatement.

“I love to look at Trulia on a daily basis to see what the market is like. I’ve also used the site for three separate moves. Trulia has taken all the best parts of real estate technology and put it in one great package.”

Aaron found out about Trulia while living in Brooklyn in 2010, and he was immediately hooked.

“I was looking to either rent out my apartment or sell it. When I found Trulia, I instantly fell in love with it because it was such a superior experience compared to Craigslist, which is what I’d been using. I liked having everything in one spot. It’s great to see the big, bright pictures, street views, and the map, where I could find out about other stuff in the area. It puts all the key information right there.”

In 2010, the real estate market was in flux, so Aaron decided to list his Park Slope apartment in Brooklyn on Trulia for sale and for rent, just to see what nibbles he would get. Within a matter of weeks, a couple contacted him, and they were interested in renting the place. Meanwhile, Aaron was looking on Trulia for a place to live in North New Jersey.

“During that search, I really liked how I was able to look at properties by specific criteria and preference type. That’s really important, especially in New York, because there are co-ops and competitive factors.”

Aaron easily found a place in North New Jersey through Trulia, and he stayed there for a couple of months before realizing it was time to move again.

“My girlfriend and I decided that we needed a bigger apartment, so we turned to Trulia again. We knew our desired location – we wanted to move to Monroe Township, New Jersey, because of her job – so during this search, I focused on the commute map. I loved to see exactly what our commutes were going to be like, and the maps made it easy to identify if a place we liked was in the middle of nowhere.”

Aaron wanted to find a broker and agent to work with to learn more about the houses he had his eye on during this search, so he sent requests to various professionals through Trulia.

“I would get feedback from them, and as a result, I found a broker that understood what I wanted and was able to make it happen. Trulia has done everything I needed it to, and more.”

Aaron and his broker ended up being a great team.

“We saw a couple of places in Monroe with our broker, and then my broker and I saw the places my girlfriend and I had found on Trulia that we knew we wanted to see as well. That research saved a lot of work, and when we found the perfect place, I just knew. It was a property my girlfriend hadn’t even seen, but when I showed her the pictures on Trulia, she fell in love.”

After going through the house hunting experience more than once, Aaron is impressed with how far the real estate industry has come.

“It used to be you just get one picture of the house and you have to physically go and see that it looks like crap. Thanks to Trulia, it’s all right there in front of you. It saves so much time. Trulia is intuitive, and it gets the job done”

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A Neighborhood Is Worth a Thousand Words

Stacey's Dream Home in Her Dream Neighborhood

Stacey’s Dream Home in Her Dream Neighborhood

Last June, Stacey’s husband came home and told her about Trulia. They knew that moving from their home in Detroit was imminent for his job, but they weren’t sure where they’d move or when. Throughout the summer, the couple casually looked on Trulia just to see what was available, and then, it happened. Her husband got a job offer in Fort Wayne, IN – three hours away from their home in Detroit.

“Once he got the offer, we started using Trulia heavily. We would lie in bed at night looking at Trulia on our iPad and compare homes. The biggest thing was that we needed to find the perfect neighborhood for our girls. We knew where his job was located, so we used that as our guide.”

The couple made plans to visit Fort Wayne immediately so they could find their dream home – and neighborhood.

“My husband’s job set us up with an agent, which was great, but we didn’t know the area at all, so our first meeting was more about researching the new area. I knew what I wanted, but it was just a matter of finding the perfect home in the best neighborhood within our price range. Trulia made it very easy to search for homes with all of our criteria, including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and several other parameters.”

During their first meeting, Stacey and her husband sat down with their agent and looked on Trulia Local where they identified the best school districts for their children and the shortest commute times for her husband. From there, they were able to narrow down their prospective neighborhoods.

“I had a better idea of the local neighborhoods after meeting and looking around with our new agent.”

And since time was of the essence, Stacey dove in head first. Her husband needed to start his job quickly, and they really only had a handful of days to find a home. Back in Detroit, she went on Trulia regularly, found homes that matched her criteria, and sent them to her agent.

“For me, the photos were great! The more photos, the better idea you have of what a house looks like. It’s just way easier to visualize, and you don’t waste your time house hunting for places that you wouldn’t buy.”

Then, it was time for the final visit to Fort Wayne. This was it. Stacey had to find a house for her family so they could relocate and start their new life.

“I was really worried about finding good schools and the right neighborhood for my three daughters. I never wanted to uproot them – but now that we’re planning on staying put for a while, this house had to be the perfect place. On the final day of the visit, we found this house. It was toward the end of the day, and I had found the home and neighborhood on Trulia through all my research. It was a new property, and it was perfect. We made the offer the next day. I was so excited.”

They closed on the house in December and moved in shortly after – just in time to host Christmas with their families.

Now, months later, Stacey still pinches herself that they are living in their dream home and neighborhood.

“We looked at many houses – but this is our dream home, and I still can’t believe we live here. I’m just thankful. Not only did we find our dream home on Trulia, but we found our dream neighborhood too.”

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When Finding the Right Agent Matters Most

Jena in front of her new home

Jena’s new home that she found with her amazing real estate agent

Finding the right real estate agent can be a difficult process. People often rely on word of mouth from friends and family – one strategy that will always remain – but sometimes, the agent that worked for someone else isn’t the best option for you. Trulia solved that problem with the launch of its Find an Agent directory this summer. For Jena and her husband Beau, this tool proved to be invaluable.

Their story starts in San Francisco. The couple started looking for their first house in 2009 with an agent that came recommended by a friend.

“We looked for a home on Trulia for almost an entire year in 2009, and at the end of October, we found one we really liked and made an offer that was actually accepted. But after the inspection, we had to walk away. There was over $100,000 of repairs that needed to be done.”

With the holidays right around the corner, the couple took a break from their home search and decided to start fresh in the New Year. But 2010 didn’t bring any luck.

“Between 2009 and 2013, we used three different agents and made twelve offers.”

Discouraged, they decided to make a big move – one that had been in the back of their minds for years.

“After searching for so long, our odds in the Bay Area weren’t looking good, so we decided to relocate to southern California to be near family and try another housing market. The possibility of a big move had come up throughout the years, and this just felt like the right time.”

At the beginning of 2013, they packed up and made the move to Los Angeles, excited, yet nervous about what was in store. Jena knew they would approach this housing market differently.

“We were in a new, unfamiliar city with a housing market that was totally different from San Francisco where we’d lived so long. I felt it was really important to find an agent that was an expert in the LA market. We needed someone that could not only help us find a house, but also find a neighborhood that would be perfect for us.”

Because the duo had exhausted the traditional methods of finding realtors, they tried something new and turned to Trulia’s Find an Agent feature.

“This time we needed an agent with an extra edge because we needed more than just help buying a property – we needed guidance. We didn’t even know which part of the city was right for us. We had been looking at homes on Trulia all along, so it seemed natural to try Trulia’s Find an Agent tool to find an expert as well.”

Jena started browsing through LA-based agents and spotted Henry Plascencia’s profile. She was immediately impressed.

“He had a really robust profile with a lot of information in it. I was drawn to him because he had his skills and successes front and center, and it showed he had a deep knowledge of the area – and credentials! We’d tried to buy a place for so long unsuccessfully, so it was important to us to pick someone that knew the area and also had a proven track record of success.”

And Henry did not disappoint. Jena contacted him and he called her back in the same day.

“I told him everything: my concerns about being a first time home buyer coupled with buying a home in an unfamiliar town. I got a good vibe from him right away.”

A few days later they headed to Henry’s office and jumped in his car, and he drove them around to a variety of neighborhoods so they could get a feel for the area.

“He basically gave us a tour of the town. We stopped to see some houses and get a sense of the different neighborhoods and what we could afford. He helped us get comfortable and really just walked us through the process every step of the way. What we really loved most about Henry was that, in addition to being really knowledgeable, he also had our individual interests in mind. He was honest and up front during our home search and would always say ‘I want you guys to be happy with your purchase now, but I also want you to be happy ten years from now, because I want to work with you again.’”

With Henry’s stellar help, Jena and Beau made four offers, and the last one stuck – they had an offer accepted!

“He really fought for us tooth and nail to get this place.”

The couple closed on their dream home and got the keys the first of August. And even after closing, Henry is still there to help. He has referred the two to a variety of vendors – from painters to landscapers – and is taking them out to dinner next week to celebrate their success.

“He went above and beyond what he needed to do. Henry’s by far the best agent we’ve had.”

We couldn’t be happier for Jena as she used to be one of our co-workers and is now contracting for us.

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