Shavon White enjoying brunch near her new apartment

Here at Trulia, we not only provide our users with the inside scoop on buying and selling, but we’re also committed to those looking for a place to rent. That’s why we’re excited to share Shavon’s story.

Moving for the first time is exciting, but it can also stir up anxiety about not being able to find the right place in the right neighborhood — especially if you’re looking to rent in New York and the surrounding areas. Shavon needed help and turned to Trulia (and one other real estate app) to find her first apartment. Eventually, though, she just stuck with Trulia.

“After using Trulia’s mobile app and website, I just felt it was more accurate and more accessible than the other options out there.”

Shavon found Trulia last summer and quickly began using the iPad app, Android rental app, and the website to help narrow down her search because Trulia was so quick and easy to use.

“It was tough because I was looking at places in New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. What made it easy, though, was contacting brokers and landlords through Trulia because I always got a response back, and I was able to actually see places that met my criteria.”

At Trulia, we understand renters have different needs, and it’s not enough to just check your computer occasionally for new rental listings — speed is crucial. Shavon took advantage of our dedicated rental app features, which notify rental searchers of new properties as soon as they become available.

“I liked how I could basically highlight my favorite apartments and get notifications on what’s available in my price range. The quality of the pictures was very helpful too because the images were really clear, and I was able to envision myself living in the apartment.”

Shavon also found our inside scoop map features – like crime stats, school boundaries, commute times and nearby amenties — on our website and iPad to be über helpful. “When I was looking in Jersey, I looked at the crime rates and thought that was pretty cool because it was really up to date.”

With Trulia’s help, the day finally came when Shavon found the perfect apartment in Brooklyn, and she’s moving out on her own for the first time in the beginning of February.

“The search was a headache until I identified a leasing agent on Trulia. The Trulia app made the search less stressful too because I could see pictures of the places available. Now I’m excited to decorate. That’s the fun part!”

We’re so proud of Shavon for finding a place of her own to call home, and we hope she finds the perfect decorations for her new apartment.

If Trulia has helped you find your place, we want to hear your story. Email us at, and we’ll set up time to chat so we can feature your story on our blog and newsletter.