Last Tuesday, U.S. CTO Todd Park stopped by Trulia’s San Francisco headquarters to have a fireside chat with Trulia’s COO Paul Levine. In his talk, he shared his background as a serial entrepreneur — he founded his first startup, Athenahealth, at age 24 — and his current role as the White House’s “entrepreneur-in-residence.”

US CTO Todd Park and Trulia COO Paul Levine Fireside Chat at Trulia

Todd also spoke at length about the open government data initiative — a landmark effort pioneered by the Obama Administration to liberate government data on education, health, law, energy, safety, & research, and encourage innovators to use this data to build products, services and apps that advance public safety in creative and powerful ways. Afterward, he jumped into an energetic, on-the-fly brainstorm with Trulians about what kinds of government data sets Trulia should consider using to further deliver the inside scoop, and what government datasets have yet to be surfaced and made accessible.

To check out his talk, here’s a clip of his visit: