At Trulia, we work hard to balance the needs of both the consumers who visit our site and the agents, brokers and MLS organizations we partner with.   Ensuring data accuracy and integrity is paramount to delivering an exceptional search experience for our users. Trulia’s top priorities are to provide highly accurate listing information to consumers, to connect consumers with real estate professionals in a timely manner, and to be the #1 source of clients for real estate professionals.

To demonstrate our commitment to our industry partners, Trulia has created a data pledge for listing syndication and display:

Trulia Data Pledge for Listing Syndication and Display

  1. We will make it easy for consumers to contact the listing data source and the listing agent based on the information provided to Trulia.
  2. Trulia will display the listing data source at no charge and will link to the listing data source.
  3. Trulia will provide a free option for listing agents to receive leads from their listings.
  4. Trulia will provide listing performance reports, at no cost, to the broker and the listing agent(s).
  5. Ads will be identified as ads to distinguish advertising from listing content. We will remove ads that confuse consumers about the official agent or broker for a listing.
  6. While Trulia’s listing ranking algorithm remains proprietary, we value accurate listing data and will share the criteria we use to present the most complete and accurate information to consumers.
  7. Trulia will not syndicate listings to other sites.
  8. We condemn fraud and misuse of data. Trulia will take reasonable steps to prevent misuse of listing data and to fix inaccuracies.