Trump Ad -Think of your Banner Ad as a real world highway Billboard – You have a Short time, to make an impression.

With the release of Trulia Pro, our new Local Spotlight advertising solution, I have noticed many agents enter the realm of banner advertising. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of slogans, catchphrases, “me, me, me’s” thrown on shopping carts, billboards, business cards and now websites. They offer “branding”, they “Get your name out there” – sure, I agree. But do they get results? Do they make your phone ring?

Dare I say, the typical broker/agent banner leaves a lot to be desired, and is easily ignored by today’s savvy online consumer, bored GenX/GenY web shopper. Therefore, I have come up with a few ideas on how you can improve your ads.

Look, I know it is tough to believe, I mean what consumer does not want a “Platinum Award Winner”? What consumer would not want “an agent to “b” trusted” – (I swear it was spelled that way).

Top 5 Online Banner Advertising No, No’s:

  1. I am number one – or any variation thereof: WHO CARES. It means nothing, there is no context. Sure other agents may know, but are you number one in the county, the city, the state or number one in selling single family ranch homes over 200 acres? It means nothing, you need something concrete, something that will compel the consumer to think you are different. Everybody, is number one in something, change the tune!
  2. Reelly bad speeling – Please have others read your ad, your  tag line, etc. If you can’t write a proper tag line, how can you be expected to provide proper care and consideration when dealing with your clients most important decision of their entire lives?
  3. High School Graduation Photos – or photos not from the last decade. I mean, I am just saying folks, do you really think your client believes that the suit you have on is from 2005, not 1975? Please, if You MUST even use a photo, make it recent – but even having a photo, is sort of optional in my personal opinion.
  4. Because we REALLY care – or other slogans that just mean nothing, what does it really mean? Use a phrase that has some oomph, that means something, generic marketing terms are DONE, gen X gen Y do not care.
  5. My photo is bigger than your house – Sure personal branding is important, but nothing makes the phone ring like a well priced house.  Think how much more you could put in the ad if you took your photo out, or made it smaller and made the property, or your message more compelling. Hey how about using a listing as your banner ad?

Top 5 Online Banner Advertising Tips:

  1. Helped 30 families in Clarkstown find their home in 2007, can I help you? – nuff said! It is concrete, means something, is tangible and verifiable.
  2. Keep it short and sweet – You have a limited amount of space, make the most of it – less is more.
  3. Proof of your recent success – Photo of your clients, and their home, maybe a closing date? Your last deal?
  4. Experiment with Geography – Mix and match the City, Zip code and Neighborhoods. This way you can adjust your strategy based on the metrics.
  5. Slogans that aren’t all fluff – have a call to action:
  • Results, GUARANTEED – click here to learn about our sellers guarantee
  • Do you want your home sold? Or do you want it bought? Learn the difference, click here
  • Have your home found Online, offline and everywhere in between with our marketing system, click here to learn how.

The web – is not print – the conversation can continue, you do not need to say it all in the advertisement. Create curiosity, drive the consumer to your site and please have something to offer them when they get there other than a sign-up form. The banner unit is not merely meant to sell you, or to just get your name out there, as much as it is there to drive targeted future clients to your site. So think to yourself – “What can I say, or show my target consumer, to have them come to my site and learn more about me”?

Have some tips of your own? Please leave them in the comment section. If you know of any, I would love to see some links to great ads and maybe some horrible ones too :)