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Yo! Jesse Pinkman’s “Breaking Bad” House Is for Sale

You could really cook up some fun in this place.

That’s right: The Albuquerque, NM, home that played a central role for troubled high school dropout Jesse Pinkman (portrayed by Aaron Paul) and his former chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), in the hit show Breaking Bad just hit the market. For just $1.6 million, you could be like “the one who knocks” and score the noteworthy home.

Built in 1940 by Leon Watson, the stucco house is constructed of hollow clay tile and incorporates modern details with historic charm. Doors, windows, chimneys, and fireplaces are all framed with stone, and original wood floors add richness.

Measuring 3,500 square feet, the four-bed, two-and-a-half-bath spread features a spacious master suite and gourmet kitchen with a dining area and large center island. The main living room is quite the departure from the site where Jesse wasted the days away: There’s no graffiti or acid-melted hole through the hallway’s ceiling. But with beamed ceilings and a stone fireplace, the home is a bright and sunny desert oasis.

Outside, multiple brick patios offer the perfect opportunity to entertain guests, but think twice before you make like Jesse and host a bunch of junkies, please: This peaceful neighborhood, known as Huning Castle/Albuquerque Country Club, is family-friendly.

Clearly, the current owners (and their real estate agents) have a sense of humor: On the website devoted to the house, the tagline reads, “Meth Lab Not Included.”