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Why We Love Our Neighborhoods

7 Trulia employees tell us what makes their neighborhoods feel like home

You might be surprised to hear what people love most about their homes. There’s what’s on the property of course–we love our fireplaces, extra storage, and decks–but feeling at home is as much about what’s all around us as it is about what’s inside our fences. In fact, according to a survey we did in partnership with Harris Interactive, 84% of Americans say neighborhood is as important, or even more important, than the house itself.

Our “The House is Only Half of It” campaign is an effort to get you thinking about what makes you feel at home. Because, really, what good is all that natural light or that finished basement if you live next door to a frat house? As Architectural Digest reported, “location, location, location–the age-old mantra has never been more true.”

With that in mind, we at Trulia decided to ask ourselves–and share–what we love about where we live.

Alissa Reiter, VP of Marketing

My neighborhoodNorth Berkeley, CA

I’ve lived here: 8 years

“It’s the perfect combination of residential serenity, natural beauty, diverse people, and city-like stuff to do. I drive up my block with a big smile on my face–this is my spot. (This sidewalk drawing of our house is by me and my kids.)”

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Tanin Blumberg, Senior Director of Brand Marketing

My neighborhoodCorte Madera, CA

I’ve lived here: 3 years

“Our neighborhood is full of families so our kids always have someone to play with. Great neighbors who are always looking out for each other. We have trail access to Mt. Tam right outside our front door, and we can walk to parks, schools and restaurants. We feel very lucky to live here.”

Bonnie Donaldson, Marketing Manager

My neighborhoodThe Marina, San Francisco, CA

I’ve lived here: 4 years

“My neighborhood is beautiful–just a block from the water. I’m able to get out and head to the park or the beach or, most importantly, the PHILZ coffee truck, in under 2 minutes. The accessibility to main streets like Union, Chestnut, and Polk allow me to indulge in my favorite activities–shopping, food, and bars (oh my!). Although the Marina is known for its Peter-Pan-ing former frat boys, there’s room for us all, and who doesn’t love a round of spike ball and a bucket o’beers at Fort Mason every once in awhile, anyway.”

Ali McCourt, Senior Manager Product Marketing

My neighborhoodPacific Heights, San Francisco, CA

I’ve lived here: 6 months

“My neighborhood has one of the best parks in the city, Lafayette Park, where smiling faces, friendly dogs, and stellar city views abound.”

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Madison Slinker, Social Media Manager

My neighborhoodLower Nob Hill, San Francisco CA

I’ve lived here: 4 months

“You can walk just about anywhere–I haven’t taken public transportation once since I moved here AND I sold my car! On sunny weekends it’s a 30-minute walk to Crissy Field. And there are puppies everywhere!”

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Leon Chen, Senior Marketing Analyst

My neighborhoodOceanview, San Francisco, CA

I’ve lived here: 1.5 years

“Our neighborhood sits on a small hill, full of city views and the authentic steepness of San Francisco.”