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Vampire Novelist Anne Rice’s Spooky Former Estate Seeks Buyer

In the heart of New Orleans,”The Most Haunted City in America,” sits a landmark, 130 year-old Victorian mansion once owned by Anne Rice. Rice, famous for weaving the real and supernatural worlds together in epic novels that explore history, philosophy and religion, was a long-time resident of New Orleans and the former owner of a few of the city’s most haunted homes. Rice has a penchant for spooky properties, and prior to her time at this particular listing, she took up residence at 1239 First Street, which later became the setting for her novel, The Witching Hour. In the story, the historic house was the ancestral home for the Mayfair family and generations of male and female witches. In real life, the mansion, originally known as the Brevard House, is considered to be haunted by its original owner. Legend has it, that on moonless nights, the residents of the neighborhood can see a mist form on the porch where Brevard shot himself.

We don’t blame Anne for not staying put at Brevard House for the entire time she resided in New Orleans. Brevard House sold to a private buyer in late 2010, and now her other former property at 3711 Saint Charles Avenue is currently on the market for $3,190,000. While it might not have an official ghostly pedigree, it does have features that might welcome some paranormal house guests. Expansive double galleries and an elegant entryway lead to a wide center hall with 1880’s stained glass windows and a mahogany and cypress staircase. Formal entertaining rooms include a double parlor, dining room, sitting room and study – each appointed with elaborate moldings, mantles, medallions and crystal chandeliers. The home’s most modern room is a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen. The home also has a 4 car garage.