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Real Estate Reality: Our Favorite ’90s TV Shows

What's the real scoop on these sitcom houses' prices?

In collaboration with the pop culture experts over at People magazine, we looked at the real estate reality of two of the most iconic TV shows of all time: Full House and Friends!

According to Trulia data, the iconic home used for exterior shots on Full House is located at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco. It last sold for $2,865,000 in 2013. Based on our calculations, even with the whole brood living there, Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and Joey would be priced out of the pricey property.

If they put down a 20 percent down payment and got a 30-year, 4.1 percent fixed-rate mortgage, their monthly mortgage payment would top $14,000.

Let’s do the math: If Danny (played by Bob Saget) made close to $160,000 a year as host of the local TV show Wake Up San Francisco, Joey made $30,000 doing stand-up gigs around the country, and Uncle Jesse raked in $48,000 as a musician, together, they could only afford a home around $1,230,000 or about a $6,000-a-month mortgage. Not even close!

That's what we thought too, Michelle Tanner

That’s what we thought too, Michelle Tanner


Want to know how the cast of Friends stacked up in the brutal New York rental market? Head over to People magazine to get all the details!