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6 Reasons to House Hunt Like You’re in a Dystopian Teen Novel

house hunting so you can be trulihome
Make like Katniss to track down that dream home … and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Does it ever feel as if you’re losing a battle against an oppressive overlord? Like you’re the brave hero fighting against a great divide? The process of searching for and buying a home can feel like something out of a dystopian teen fiction franchise, especially if you’re in a competitive real estate market. But if you can dig deep and maintain your optimism, you just might be victorious — even if the prospects seem bleak.

Take a page from a dystopian teen novel and apply these life lessons (culled from the mindsets of their teenage heroes) to find a place where you can be #TruliHome.

1. Hope is a powerful thing

Some days, it may feel as if you live in District 12, but life for most of us in the good old USA doesn’t come close to the sad daily grind for the majority of the citizens of Panem. Find some inspiration from Katniss and Peeta, who kept pushing for a better life (oh, and their survival!) even in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

If you don’t think you have the mental fortitude to write another heartfelt offer letter when you’re up against a seller’s market, unleash your creativity and try an offbeat offer letter that will make you unforgettable.

It just might get you into the victor’s seat.

couple shaking hands with real estate agent

2. Allies shouldn’t be underestimated

It’s not easy to get by without a little help from your friends — but when the going gets tough, sometimes the friends you expect to be there for you seem to disappear into thin air. Meanwhile, it’s often those you least expect to come to your rescue who prove to be the most valuable. (And, unlike with Tris and Four, you don’t have to worry about mind control.)

The same thing can happen when you’re house-hunting. Friends with real estate experience don’t always have the best advice, and sometimes things just don’t work out with your real estate agent. But you might be overlooking some solid sources of house-hunting inspiration and guidance, like that furball who’s currently keeping your feet warm.

3. Your instincts are good

When you’re buying a home, it’s easy to overthink every step of the process. It’s only natural in the face of such a huge commitment. But like the Maze Runner, sometimes you have to let your instincts guide you. Otherwise, you could easily talk yourself out of, say, exploring an up-and-coming neighborhood or fighting off a WCKD robot spider.

The best things in life often require a bit of risk. But doing the research and weighing the pros and cons should help you feel more comfortable with your decision to buy. And if the nagging voice in your head tells you that loan — or remodeling estimate — seems too good to be true, don’t shake off the feeling before you do some investigating.

tree falling on house

4. Rules are meant to be broken

“Location, location, location” may be the tried-and-true real estate adage, but that doesn’t mean you’re immediately set up for failure (or financial hardship) because you bought a fixer-upper that sits on a busy street corner. Just as for any dystopian teen heroine willing to break ranks to save the world, sometimes following the “rules” matters less than your happiness.

Sure, the house on the busy street might take a bit longer to sell than the same house on a quieter block, but sometimes the quieter street also comes with a much larger price tag.

5. Downtime is important

Haymitch might take this one to the extreme, but when you’re in the midst of a stressful home-buying situation (and it’s almost always stressful at some point), it’s important to try to keep your anxiety under control.

If you need a break, take a short vacation from your house-hunting extravaganza. Unless you’re working against the clock to find your next place, putting aside your listings searches for a few days shouldn’t derail your plans — and it just might invigorate you for round two.

6. Don’t let fear hold you back

Here’s a secret: Everyone is afraid of something. Even Four had demons to fight in the Dauntless fear simulation test. Rest assured that there’s something out there in the world that gives anyone the heebie-jeebies. They’re just either better at hiding it (hey there, Katniss!) or experts at avoiding it.

So if you’ve got some fear about buying a house, know that it’s natural. Instead of letting fear rule your destiny, do your homework on the topics that make you sweat. Worried about financing because you’re self-employed? Learn how to qualify for a mortgage in six easy steps. Planning to buy a flipped home? Find out how to spot shoddy work. At a loss about how to get started? Here’s your home-buying checklist.

Those fraidy-cat tendencies shouldn’t keep you from living your best life. Katniss wouldn’t give in to her fear, and neither should you.

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