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Trulia’s Most Popular Stories of 2017

The chance to look back while looking ahead is one of the best things about year’s end. As we reflect on the content Trulia users enjoyed most, we see home buyers’ passions and pain points come to life. We’re glad to see people reading—and sharing—advice on everything from finding a healthy neighborhood to saving for a house in just one year. And it looks like the eye-catching stories of a pirate island cottage and a Texas mansion that took 25 years brought some glimmers to your eyes. If you missed these stories the first time around, now is the time to dig in, enjoy, and share with others in your community.

Thanks for giving us the chance to learn what matters most—and what we can do to support and inspire you in 2018.

What story would you love to see from Trulia in 2018? Let us know in the comments!