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QUIZ: Old House Or New House?

Adobe and Cape Cod House Styles
From log cabins to adobe homes, can you guess which house is older? (The answers might surprise you!)

In real estate, trends come and go — but the classics are always a safe bet. You might love the look of a traditional Cape Cod home but not the 17th-century wood framing. Luckily for you, today you can buy a new home with an old look.

To prove that these classic house styles are timeless, Trulia created a quick quiz to test your eye: Can you spot the older homes for sale in Santa Fe, NM, Hyannis, MA, and Bend, OR? Vote for the home you think is older, then check out the listings below for the details!

Interested in learning more about the homes? Check out the listings and photo galleries below!

1. Did you correctly guess which Hyannis, MA, house was built in 1920?

2. Did you spot the vintage log cabin, built in 1946?

3. Did you correctly guess which Santa Fe, NM, home was built in 1910?