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Why Being a Summer Intern at Trulia Is Tru-li-amazing!

At Zillow Group, we’re always on the lookout for new, forward-thinking and tenacious people to join one of our awesome real estate brands, which includes Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads, StreetEasy, NakedApartments and Over the years, we’ve found some great talent through the summer internship program that we host in our San Francisco office, which is home to the Trulia brand. In fact, we hired 95 percent of our SF interns in 2016 as full-time employees.

Now forget what you may have seen on TV – our interns don’t get us coffee. We task them to help us improve and support our products and business through hands-on work on our tech stacks, code bases and marketing efforts. We treat our interns as full members of our team, and interns at Zillow Group can expect to work on meaningful projects that will help them learn and grow in their careers. (Read more about the class of 2016’s experience here, here and here).

Now that we’re officially in the middle of our summer intern season, we wanted to share a bit more about how our 12-week program works:

For starters, each intern is tasked with completing a specific project by the end of the summer, which gives them autonomy and accountability for their work. In turn, these projects help them fine-tune their time management, project management and collaboration skills. Each intern is also responsible for presenting their final project to Zillow Group’s leadership team and the rest of the internship class, giving them a change to practice their public speaking skills.

In addition to their day-to-day work, all interns are welcome to participate in our quarterly Innovation Weeks (hack weeks), where they can work on a project of their choice, allowing them to collaborate with employees that they don’t normally work with and experiment with technologies. Many of our interns in the past have said that this is their favorite week in our office.

We also provide interns with a chance to learn more about the Zillow Group business and meet with the company’s top executives including a fireside chat with Zillow Group CEO, Spencer Rascoff.

Many of our past interns have said that our summer internship program was impressively valuable. Some thanked us for the opportunity to learn about the business directly from our leaders and to work directly with supportive teams and managers. Others said they appreciated the welcome and inclusive office environment we have at Trulia and across all the Zillow Group offices.

That’s because diversity and inclusion are critical components of Trulia’s core values. We strive to maintain a culture that is both open and inclusive, enabling our employees to share their unique perspectives, experience and skills with each other. In living that out, we added a new partnership to our recruiting efforts, with Code2040. This non-profit organization helped us connect with Black and Latinx engineering students who were looking for engineering internships. Four Code2040 fellows have joined us this summer in San Francisco and we are excited to have them here.

If you are looking to join a culture that places emphasis on career growth, autonomy and collaboration, come work with us! Applications for the 2018 summer intern program will open in September. Be on the lookout at